Friday, February 13, 2009

Flashback Friday - 1981 prairie-chic preschooler and matching doll

Two little dolls from 1981. The dark-haired one is my lovely little DD. The light-haired one is the doll I sewed for her.

Each is wearing matching white cotton blouses, peasant still skirts with wide hem ruffles and a bias-tape trimmed bolero-style vest.

The patterns - McCall's 7222 (c. 1980) and McCall's 7480 (c. 1981) - survived the dozens of moves this little family made over the years.

The doll and the outfit? They were long ago donated to a thrift store where I hope they were found and brought home for another little girl to enjoy.

And why I had a thing for sewing blonde dolls I'll never know... Pin It


  1. Oh my! I sewed that doll for my daughter at about the same time. I refused to be part of the "Cabbage Patch" frenzy around that time. She still has hers sitting on the shelf in her kids playroom. That and the first quilt I sewed her that is now threadbare. They went to college with her and have always been around. You just never know which gifts you give that will make a lasting impression.

  2. My parents gave me a Holly Hobby about that same time. I love it that you made the doll and the outfits!

  3. That photo is precious! I just sewed my first dolls. Note to self - never try to freehand cut a circle (head) because you think the one you sewed on looks too big...

    And - not at all related - I ordered a bunch of stuff from Fabric Mart and it's on it's way. Here's hoping I actually get to sew something wearable from the fabric...

  4. I made those same dolls for my son and daughter back in the 80's. I'll have to find the pictures.



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