Thursday, February 26, 2009

Dogs on Thursday - remembering Brandi

Last week was the three-year anniversary of the day I had to send Brandi to Rainbow Bridge. Brandi was my first dog and let me tell you, making the decision to have her put to sleep was one of the hardest things I ever had to do.

Well today is Dogs on Thursday, I was going to share some cute Abby playing in the snow photos (since we are in the midst of a snow storm ... about 6 or 8 inches so far. At least Abby is enjoying herself!) but I thought I'd share a post that Sophia wrote on her dog blog two years ago. It's a post written one year after Brandi had been gone and six months before Abby joined our household.

First posted on Abby and Sophia - a dog's life in black and white, Feb. 17, 2007.

When I first came to live with my human family, I had an older doggie sister named Brandi.

Today is the one year anniversary of Brandi going to Doggie Heaven. Mommy was really sad last year and cried for a long time.

Today she said its okay for me to share photos of me and Brandi with you.This is Brandi when she was 11 weeks old. Mommy had just adopted her from the humane society. Mommy always said she wondered what Brandi's story was because Brandi was afraid of humans when she first came to live with mommy and she was very timid her whole life.

Brandi didn't care when I came to live with mommy and daddy. In fact she taught me all kinds of things.
Like what to do with a chew stick,

And how to sit pretty and wait for a treat.

Brandi even let me share her food bowl with her.
I really wanted to eat what Brandi was eating, but mommy said I had to puppy food so she put Brandi's bowl up so I couldn't reach it.

Brandi taught me how to play and she always let me win!

My favorite thing that we did together was sleep.

Sometime curled up on the floor.

Sometimes in our cozy beds.

And sometimes we slept stretched out on the floor.

Brandi was 14 -1/2 years old when mommy said she had to be "put to sleep". Mommy said Brandi was really sick and was in a lot of pain and that it was time. She doesn't cry so much anymore. Now she smiles when she sees pictures of Brandi and likes to tell Brandi stories. I told her she should make a scrapbook with of Brandi and guess what? She liked my idea. So now I get to help her make a Brandi scrapbook.

Brandi was a sweet dog. As I said earlier, she was my first dog. I laugh when I think back to what a dog novice I was. I remember asking my son when she would start fetching. He burst out laughing and explained to me that you had to teach dogs to fetch. Fortunately for me Brandi was one of the best dogs a new dog owner could have - gentle, sweet natured, obedient and I loved her like crazy until the day she died. I can hardly believe she's been gone three years already.


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  1. What a sweet memorial to a precious dog. They really do become a part of our families and integrate themselves into our souls don't they.

  2. You made me cry! My DH and I had two chihauhaus that were our children, really! They lived a long and good life and it is hard to let them go.

  3. It's so very hard to say goodbye to them, even for someone who has always had dogs.

  4. What a great tribute...made me cry...thinking about all the good dogs I have waiting across the rainbow bridge!

  5. Oh Sharon - I have tears for Brandi and for you. Lucky for both of you to have had each other. g

  6. Thanks for the comments about Brandi. AKA, the brand, brandy-pandy, candy-andy, and goofball. She really was a sweet lovable dog. But then, aren't they all?



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