Thursday, January 08, 2009

Sometimes it starts with the shoes

I admit it. Some days the outfit is planned around the shoes.

Today was one of those days. The brown patent leather wedges had been buried in the closet all winter and were begging for some attention.

Out went the plan to wear all black with my simply stunning skirt. In it's place came a simple brown pencil skirt paired with a brown tee and classic black jacket.

BWOF 9 08 119 brown skirt

The skirt is from the September 2008 issue of BWOF. If I hadn't chosen to review the skirt on PatternReview I would never have read the instructions and discovered the need to add seam allowances.

By the way, thanks for the great comments on seam allowances on both Burda patterns and the BWOF magazine patterns. Isn't it interesting that the Burda patterns in US markets have seam allowances while only some in Europe do? I definitely learned some new things.

After wearing the skirt all day I can add a few things to my original review. Which, if you haven't read it, doesn't really include a whole lot of detail.

That's because this is just a simple pencil skirt - two darts in front, two darts in back, invisible zipper, faced waistline, lining, and a walking slit. The only design detail is the pleat that is sewn onto the lower back edge disguising the walking slit.

That's the main thing I would change. The skirt is narrow and if you walk with a long stride like I do, you'll find it a bit difficult wearing this skirt. I would simply make the walking slit and the pleat both longer.

BWOF 9 08 119 pleat

So tell me. Do you ever plan the day's outfit by the shoes you want to wear?
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  1. Yes. I have these new purple and black shoes I got for Christmas but hadn't worn yet. This morning I decided to wear them with a black skirt and my print bow neck top. Well the skirt was too tight. Mmm, try another black skirt - too short! So now I sit with the shoes, the top and a murky pinky/mauve skirt I have only worn once before. At least it fits. So I need to lose weight or make some larger skirts........

  2. Nice skirt. Where are the shoes? LOL

  3. Guilty. I have red shoes... I will pick things to match. I plan outfits around fun tights too.

    The accessories make it sometimes!

  4. It would be a lie if I said I hadn't...I know that I have at some point...just not lately! But I definitely understand the pull of a good pair of shoes!

  5. Oh yes. Although I match things to knee high leather boots in the winter.

  6. I think it's so funny that you didn't show the shoes in any of the pictures!

    I like that skirt and thanks for the info on the seam allowances. I so didn't know that! g

  7. It IS all about the shoes, but....where are they?! I believe Sandra Betzina once said it is easier to find and buy the perfect shoes first, and then sew the outfit, rather than vice versa.

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