Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Sewing Studio Sunday - Simple Tote, Simple Sewing

Julie, one of the contributors to this sewing blog (well, she hasn't actually written a post yet, but she will - hint, hint Julie!) was over this past weekend for our first monthly Sewing Studio Sunday.

We've talked about it for some time, and after a few false starts, finally found a date that worked for most everyone. The concept it simple. For four hours on a Sunday, I open my sewing studio to Julie and whoever else wants to come on over and sew. They bring their machine and project but can use my sewing tools, cutting table, iron and such so they don't need to bring theirs.

I'm just there to answer questions and provide some guidance. As confidence levels build I'll pull my machine out and sew along also. I'm actually looking forward to these monthly gatherings.

This past weekend ended up being just the two of us. Julie choose this simple tote from the Lotta Jansdotter's Simple Sewing book for her project (it really is called Simple Tote in the book). She choose fabrics from Hancock Fabrics and was able to cut and sew this tote in three hours. That was after we spent about 45 minutes getting her acquainted with the new sewing machine she received as a Christmas gift.

Even if Julie doesn't find time to blog here, you'll be able to watch her sewing progress as I'll post her projects. She may be a beginner at sewing, but I suspect she'll move from totes and napkins and coasters to skirts and knit tops in the very near future. Pin It


  1. Love how encouraging you are. That is very lovely bag made by Julie. I hope she enjoys using it. g

  2. Oh oh oh me me me me...send that to me. Pleaseeeeeeeee?! If you send it to me, I promise at some point this year I'll pack it full of potato chips and Tab and head North to see my bff in MN!

  3. Wait...did you sew this or Julie? Because Julie doesn't have to send it to me (but it would be appreciated).

  4. Im so super jealous!!!! I WANNA COME SEW WITH YOU =(
    THAT IS SUCH A FANTASTIC IDEA - I wish I knew anyone close to me who does sew!!!!

  5. Love it! Cute fabric.



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