Sunday, January 25, 2009

Kreative Blogger Award now appearing

Hey! Thanks for all the nominations.

I'm guessing since I took a few days off from blogging (remember, I did say one of my goals this year was to spend less time online) and come back to a few fellow bloggers passing this award my way.


Actually, the first person to send the award my way was YaYaOrchid from Chronicles of YaYa Orchid, one of my Sew Craft blog members. Thank you!

One by one the others trickled in. Probably because you thought I had been left out so I'm extra thankful that each of you wanted to make sure I could add the award to my blog also.

So here's the rules. *Sigh*, which by now all of you can probably recite from memory. I seem to have missed the whirlwind flurry of award passing.

#1 - Copy the award to your site.
  • Done!
#2 - Link to the person(s) who nominated you. In addition to YaYaOrchid:#3 Now the original rules from YaYaOrchid included "list seven things you love." And since I'm definitely a rule follower (much to the amusement of my husband and children) here are seven things I love:
  1. I love ... the color pink (even though the childhood chant, "pink, pink you stink", dances around in my head every time I hear the word pink.)
  2. I love... my best friend - my husband.
  3. I love ... my kids - I'm so lucky to be their mother.
  4. I love ... my parents and siblings who understand its okay to act silly and laugh at yourself.
  5. I love ... creative arts - including (of course) sewing
  6. I love ... hot, hot, hot weather
  7. I love ... last on the list, but first in my heart, my Lord Jesus Christ.
#4 - Nominate seven others. How in the world do you nominate only seven when there are hundreds of fabulous blogs that I (try) read weekly? Well, here goes:
  1. Karin - Artful Crafts
  2. Amy - Skirts and Skirt Galore, and a whole lot more
  3. Amy - The Seam Ripper
  4. Stacey - Jamee Forever
  5. Marie - Mod Farmgirl's Blog
  6. Alicia - AliceaJeanae
  7. Vicki - Field Trips in Fiber
Tomorrow, back to regularly scheduled sewing posts. I've been busy sewing from my new BWOF and have some more skirts to share with you as well as a fabulous pair of pants.! Pin It

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  1. Thanks so much for the mention - I'm very flattered!



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