Friday, January 30, 2009

Flashback Friday - 1977 baby's first quilt take II

A few months ago I shared my first ever quilting attempt with you. It was for baby number one - my precious daughter who is so dear to me.

Well, baby number two decided to make an appearance less than a year later. Just because you're number two doesn't mean you shouldn't have your very own baby quilt!

I've mentioned before how I dislike sewing the same thing twice, so even though I thought the first quilt was adorable, I decided to make my own design for this baby. I used the images imprinted on a baby wipe as my inspiration.

I drew outlines of animals - in very simplistic forms - and cut the pieces out of gingham. They were hand-stitched them to muslin squares using embroidery thread and a blanket stitch. Next, I embroidered a few simple features - an eye, a wing, or a line showing the separation of their legs.

After sewing all of my squares together, adding batting and a full gingham fabric backing, I outlined all of the animals by stitching around them with my sewing machine.

Ta-da! Baby number two's first quilt:

Colorful gingham was chosen as the fabrics because the quilt was sewn before I knew whether or not this would be a boy or a girl. Remember those days? When you didn't know which gender your child would be until they were born?

The final design resulted in a bright and cheery menagerie of animals.

A sunny yellow elephant. Wonder why I choose not to outline the ears?

A bright sky blue chick. Notice the satin stitched beak and stylized wing outline?

A sea green fish. Is it a whale? Is it a fish jumping out of water? After so many years I no longer remember.

A bright red rabbit. With each piece of the bunny hand-stitched separately.
A purple pony. Purple has always been a favorite color of mine. This is the only section of the quilt where the hand-stitching has started to come undone.

A baby blue bear. What baby quilt would be complete with out a teddy bear?

It's held up very well considering it was created 32 years ago and endured many machine washings. When my precious son has children of his own my hope is that this quilt sewn with so much love as I awaited his birth will be as loved by my grandchildren. Pin It


  1. Sharon it's lovely. I can't believe you drew all the animals. I hope your grandchildren enjoy it. g

  2. Your baby quilt is tooooo cute!

  3. Sharon - how LOVELY!! This would look wonderful framed and on the grandchild's wall to always look at and never have to wait to get washed!! You should be so proud of your work....

  4. sooooooooo cute!! how lovely :)

  5. Your quilt is so nice! I'm impressed with how well you drew and cut out the animal shapes. For a beginner's project, it sure is outstanding! Now you're so lucky to have such a nice heirloom.



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