Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Sewing gift tags

As I've been going through the huge stash of patterns in my possession (I swear they multiply overnight...I think I need to set up a surveillance camera for proof) I've been pulling out those I know I won't use. I've sent a few boxes to PatternRescue and I've begun placing others in my Etsy shop (named Abby + Sophia...hmmm, wonder how I came up with that name? LOL) .

Inspired by the beautiful work that Charity at Vintage Threads creates, rather than toss the patterns that were incomplete I decided to use the artwork to make cards and tags.

So tonight after work, instead of sewing my 50s era dress for next week's RetroRama, I completed the first step in a set sewing gift tags. Add a few more paper layers are needed, punch a hole at the top, and add some vintage ric-rac or buttons and the tags will be done.
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Sunday, May 04, 2008

Weekend's over...who managed to find time to sew?

I tried to find time to sew. Honest.

Perhaps if the weather wouldn't have been so beautiful and I hadn't spent Saturday helping hubby with a home improvement project I would have spent more time indoors in the sewing studio.

I did, however manage to find time to trace a few patterns:
  • Burda 7828, a long sleeve knit top and short sleeved knit dress.
  • Vogue 1045, a Sandra Betzina design that looks like it would make a nice summer top. The mid-section is shaped with 1/2" tucks sewn to the outside of the top. If I'm happy with the way the muslin turns out I'll be looking for ways to get creative with those tucks.
  • Dress 103 from February 2008 Burda World of Fashion - this is the knit dress with the twist front at the waistline that I meant to start on a few months ago. (reviews from Patternreview here and here.)
  • Skirt 111 also from February 2008 Burda World of Fashion - a pencil skirt with band detailing across the front.
  • Dress 116 from April 2008 Burda World of Fashion - another knit dress. Although after tracing the pattern I read reviews (here and here and here) on patternreview, I've changed my mind about sewing this one. I think the style is too young for me and I would be uncomfortable wearing it. Now if my daughter is interested I've got the pattern all set to go!
As I mentioned, the weather was so gorgeous today that we took Abby to the dog park in the morning. It's a beautiful off-leash dog park that is well maintained and completely fenced in so the dogs can run and play as much as they want to.

There are walking trails, an open field to toss sticks, plenty of bags for picking up doggy-doo and bowls of water for the dogs.

This is her second visit and she still is incredibly submissive when other dogs approach her. We're hoping more time at the park with all the dogs will help her with that. For now she's quite content to stick close to us.

Sophia had to stay behind - she's just too small to play with the big dogs - and she cried as we left. But don't worry about little Sophia. The tables were turned in the afternoon when Abby had to stay behind while Sophia had her hour walk.

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Friday, May 02, 2008

Flashback Friday - Summer 1974

Have you ever sewed from one pattern that you absolutely loved? One that you used over and over again?

I did. When I was fifteen I had a pattern for cropped smock tops that I used many times. I wore them all, but apparently my fave of the lot was the top with the curved yoke and small ruffled sleeves sewn from green gingham.

See that big smile? That's because I hadn't yet learned that green is not my color. Green was a popular color in the early 70s and as a teen my fabric choices were heavily influenced by what was trendy versus what worked best with my coloring.

Oh look! Here I am again wearing the same green smock top! This time I'm with my youngest sister who looks a whole lot more interested in whatever she's holding than in having her photo taken. That's because she would just ignore you when she got tired of you or something you were doing. She must have been sick and tired of my friends and I taking photos of her all the time.

Notice the recycled denim hat and shoulder bag located on the left side of the photo? Oh yea, I was into the green movement back then also. Too bad I can't locate a photo of my pants that were sewn entirely out of fabric scraps :-)
The shirt served me well as there's another photo of me wearing it soon after my daughter came home from the hospital in 1976. She's just over three months old in the photo and had only been released a few days earlier. I'm obviously exhausted, but isn't she just the cutest little sweetie-pie ever? (I've blogged about her birth before, but if you haven't read her story here's the post.)

This pattern, McCall's 4401 was one of my few TNT (tried and true) patterns. (I located a copy in an Etsy shop if you're interested.)

Perhaps I should take a clue from my sewing past and spend more time working to identify some new TNT patterns. Pin It


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