Monday, January 07, 2008

A 2006 UFO - the McCall's 4924 skirt

Sophia and I cut this skirt out the end of September 2006. I have proof since I about it here...

It's underlined with cotton batiste.

It's hem is finished with a vintage rayon hem tape.

It's well fitted and the fabric (silk blend tweed from Fabric Mart) was wonderful to sew.

It's a great looking skirt.

I thought so every time I looked at it hanging in my closet, unworn, for the past year.

Why you ask? Because I never got around to sewing the hook and eye on the waistband. Talk about lazy sewing...two minutes of my time was all that was needed to complete this UFO.

Full review later. Right now I'm on a UFO mission.

Oh, and Marji? I'm with ya - I vow to not create any new UFO's in 2008. Pin It

Friday, January 04, 2008

Flashback Friday - 1980

In honor of my beautiful daughter's recent birthday (Jan. 2) I'm sharing photos from her fourth birthday party. That girl has never enjoyed being the center of attention - which was evident even at age four at her own birthday party.

And she's still in love with Winnie the Pooh.

Her pinafore dress was sewn by her mama (me) from a cotton floral print. The primary color was blue, but I choose to trim it with pink ribbon to help draw attention to the pink flowers in the print. Completing the ensemble was a blue button front blouse (also sewn by mama) and matching blue tights.
Oh gosh, look at that horrible gold chair in the background. I had forgotten all about that chair; it was old and falling apart but I was so grateful to have a chair to sit on. You know, until I look at these old pictures, I forget how poor we really were. We owned so little and much of it was cast offs. I should reflect back on the hard times once in awhile as it helps me to be thankful for the good times I now experience.

By the way, if you haven't read her story yet, click on last year's birthday post. This little one entered the world way too early and way too small yet survived with no side effects. Pin It

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Dogs on Thursday - Abby at six months

The week before Christmas Abby turned six months.

Guess what she got for Christmas? That's right - a little day trip to the vet to get spayed. We dropped her off in the morning and discovered that she only weighs 46 lbs. When we brought her home after her little laser surgery all she wanted to do was lie on her bed.

The easy part was over. We now had to make sure she didn't disturb the stitches. She was really good during the day because we could watch her so closely, but we realized she was licking and pulling at the stitches at night. So poor Abby was transformed into a conehead for the dark hours of the night.
Sophia, who usually rules in this house, knew Abby wasn't feeling her best and cuddled up to her during naptimes.
Abby visited the vet again yesterday to get her stitches removed and she gained another 3 lbs in the two weeks after her surgery. The vet doesn't think she'll grow much larger than 55 to 60 lbs which is a lot smaller than the 80 to 100 lbs we were expecting. She may not have gotten the big size of a Newfie but she sure did get the gene for the gentle disposition. She is probably the calmest six month old puppy I've ever seen. Pin It

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy 2008! And sew it begins - resolutions made, resolutions broken

Happy New Year!
I suppose I could begin my first post of the new year by creating a photo collage of my 2007 projects ala Erica and Christina , but that would mean I would have had to keep my photos and projects organized in some logical fashion and that just didn't happen.

2008 Sewing Resolutions
Guess that means I now have a resolution for 2008 - track my 2008 sewing projects in an organized and logical manner.

And as long as I'm tracking them, I think I'll discipline myself to work on only one project at a time - start to completion - so that I don't lose interest in one or the other and create another UFO.

And as long as I'm only working on one project at a time I think I'll not waste my precious sewing time using low-quality fabric.

Broken Resolutions
Uh, oops. Here it is, not even the end of the first day of 2008, and I've already broken my resolution to not waste my sewing time sewing with low-quality fabrics. I sewed on three yards of crappy cotton knit that was hanging around in my stash.

But I couldn't help it!

The color was great - a bright hot pink - but the fabric was really low quality. Not only was it a bit off grain, but it had a teensy-tiny flaw running through. I kept it around thinking that someday I'd use it to sew up a quick night shirt.

And today, that's just what I did.

So...whaddya think of my little night shirt?

Butterick 3405, c. 1970s, Pattern Review
A John Kloss design for nightgown, or babydoll (for stretch knits only) and robe. The gown has high fitted and tied bodice, scoop neckline and flared skirt. The robe has fitted bodice with released pleats, standing collar, front button and loop closing, and full length sleeves.

This particular pattern just arrived the other day buried in a pattern lot I had won recently. You see, sometimes I actually use the vintage and retro patterns I've collected over the years.

The nightgown was a two-hour sewing project - from the time I cut out the pattern to the time I took the photo on GiGi.

I did not do an FBA on the bodice, but I did add additional length to the pattern piece. I also increased the seam allowances on the side seams - tapering from a 12 at the shoulder to a 14 at the high waist/hip line. In retrospect, this additional width was not needed as there is plenty of ease built into the nightgown.

The skirt consists of four flared pieces and is attached to the self-lined bodice leaving a 2 inch opening at the center front. The bodice ties in front leaving a small keyhole opening between the bodice and the skirt. The pattern instructions call for slipstitching the inner bodice facing to the upper edge of the skirt, but I topstitched it in place.

Because my serger is still broken I hemmed the bottom edge - (which is a whopping 140 inches) - with a decorative overcast stitch on my sewing machine. I allowed the knit to stretch slightly which resulted in a rippled edge - similar to a lettuce hem.

I think it turned out cute considering the fabric that was used. Just think how great the next one will look!

My flannel jammies won't be traded in anytime soon for this little hot pink cutie, but it sure was fun to get one of those pesky resolutions out of the way! Pin It


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