Sunday, December 14, 2008

One little nightgown hanging on a hook...

...only four more to go. Pajamas, not nightgowns. It certainly would be easier if they were all nightgowns as this one was done in 1-1/2 hours start to finish.

Girl's flannel nightgown
This was sewn using my fave children's pj pattern - New Look 6746. Yes, I realize there is no nightgown included with this pattern. But with the design of the girl's pajama top it's a snap to turn this into a nightgown. Simply place the pajama pants pattern piece on top of the lower bodice skirt pattern piece matching the waist markings. Now you know how long to extend the top to turn it into a nightgown.

Collar pressing
The little Peter Pan collar is adorable. Before you turn the collar right side out, press that inside seam flat. I know, it's a challenge to press those tiny little curves and it seems like a waste of time when the seam will be completely enclosed anyway.

However, if you take the time to do this step you'll have a nice, sharp edge on the collar. Well worth the extra few minutes you spent pressing.

Mini craft iron
By the way, I used this tiny little mini craft iron that I purchased the other day at Joann's. It lists for $9.99, but it was 50% off this past weekend and I received another 10% off for my ASG discount so I only spent $4 for this tool. My recommendation? Four dollars was too much to pay for this item and if I was you, I certainly wouldn't waste $10. It worked okay for this application, but the cotton flannel presses easily and I doubt you'd get enough heat from this tiny little thing to press a more difficult fabric.

Seam finish
I often get questions from newer sewers about finishing seam allowances. In this case I just used a pinking shears to finish the edges.

Finishing touch
One of the simple pleasures of this pajama top is the fact that there are no buttons, which means no buttonholes! Oh I how I hate to make buttonholes. The front is closed with snaps and the bows are purely decorative. Whenever possible, I like to add a simple customization. In this case, I cut a daisy from the collar trim and glued it to the center of each bow.

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  1. So cute! Love the bow and lace applique detail, too!

  2. The fabric is adorable!

  3. How cute! I am always in awe of your yearly Christmas pj production...I need some of that mojo to rub off on me!

  4. This is so fabulous and THANKS for the tip about the mini iron - I have had my eyes on them thinking about it! Happy Holidays! (is it any coincidence that the word verification word is 'cinged' LOL)

  5. The nightgown is beautiful. Do I still have time to buy fabric, patterns and sew nightgowsn / pjs for four kids? Hmmm - if my husband clears away the snow I might. Beth



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