Monday, December 15, 2008

I'm grateful for...

A heated home and car! Because it is bitterly cold outside.

Coming off of a busy weekend that didn't go as planned I woke up this morning grateful for a home with a working furnace and enough money to pay to use that furnace.

You see, our neighbors had their furnace go out Saturday morning, right before they were leaving to spend a few days with some family members. They had it serviced and we both commented on what a good thing it was that it went out before they left. It was a bit selfish on our part because we had agreed to keep an eye on their home for them and we would have had to deal with the service call.

Well, lo and behold this morning we noticed a certain light was on at their house. The light that notifies us that their heat is below a certain set point. Sure enough, their furnace had gone out again. Service was called and of course, the only time they will provide is between 7 a.m. and 3 p.m.

So here's the other blessing in disguise. My husband threw his back out yesterday morning - which certainly didn't seem like a blessing when we had planned on hauling out all of the Christmas decorations. So this morning just as he finished calling into work to let them know he was going to be out today, when he noticed the neighbor's light was on. So, except for a doctor's appointment it turns out he will be around when the service company shows up.

So, like I said, I'm grateful today for many things, including a warm home, a job and a warm car to get me to my job.

As for the Christmas decorations? This year the lone decor is the Nativity set. But that's the only one that really matters anyway. Pin It


  1. And think of the time you just bought yourself in January when you would ordinarily be boxing the decorations back up!

    Good lemonade story!

  2. Sorry about your hubbie's back. Don't feel too bad about the decorations. I STILL haven't put the tree up! Every week I say this is the week, but not yet! LOL!



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