Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Here's my fave pj pattern - what's yours?

Over the years I've sewn more children's pajamas, nightgowns and bathrobes than I can probably count. They're simple to sew, easy to fit, and never fail to delight the child that is the recipient of the new bedtime wear.

Last year, when we decided all nieces and nephews would receive pajamas lovingly sewn by my hands, I realized that I didn't actually have a pajama pattern on hand in the sizes I needed. A quick trip to the fabric store to browse through the pattern catalogs resulted in the purchase of my new favorite kid's pajama pattern - New Look 6746.

All of the sizes I needed were in one envelope (sizes 3 to 8) and it included a version for both a boy and a girl. I especially liked the pants in this pattern as they do not include a side seam making them super simple and super fast to sew. You could sew pajama pants with this pattern and pick up a coordinating tee-shirt and be done with your gift in no time!

The boy's top is a traditional button front with a collar, while the girl's version had lace and ribbon bow details that added a little extra charm. There's even more versatility as the girl's top can easily be turned into a nightgown by adding additional length to the lower bodice pieces.

So that's my fave children's pj pattern. What's yours?

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  1. I have this one too and love it :0)

  2. I just got this new look pattern

    It looks promising! I'm making my nieces matching pajamas for Christmas, with different piping for each one. So cute!

  3. Kwik Sew 2811 PJ's. I've lost track how many I've made!

  4. Mine is KS 3234, I've made them many times. They make great jammies and casual t-shirts and pants. The sizing is from 4-14.



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