Thursday, December 04, 2008

Dogs on Thursday - Just another routine day

Routine [roo-teen]
- noun
a customary or regular course of procedure.

I don't know about your dogs, but ours have a morning routine. I'm not sure if we trained them or if they trained us but every morning it's the same thing.

Abby begins stretching and making a sound that is so odd that I don't even know what keys to press on the keyboard to replicate it. The only time she makes that sound is in the morning after she has begun to stir and before we leave the comfort of our bed to let her outside. This happens usually minute before the alarm goes off.

Sophia, happily nestled in the warmth of a king sized bed with her people, pretends she's still sleeping until my husband climbs of bed to lead Abby to the door. At that point she will open an eye or two, lift her head ever so slightly, and await the hands that will gently pick her up and carry her to the door to go outside.

After our two girls have gone outside to do their "business" they quickly run upstairs into the kitchen where they await their morning treat.

Of course, after all that strenuous work of going outside and running up a flight of stairs, the next obvious stop is the beds.

Not the beds they just left but the beds in the kitchen.

That's right. After sleeping all night and having only been up for five minutes, they both act as if they are worn out and curl up on their beds for a little more shut-eye.

Sophia, enjoying her new "just-my-size" bed, wasn't too happy about the bright light I kept flashing at her. Sheesh, you think she'd be used to the camera by now, after all she did used to have her own doggie blog :-) Right after this photo she decided she headed for a spot where she was less likely to be disturbed - under the bed.

Abby then seized the opportunity to try out the new doggie bed. I'm pretty sure she's thinking "whaddya mean it's too small for me? See? I can get in it"

So what morning routines do your dogs have?

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  1. Go outside first thing, then try to come back in to eat, then lie down/follow kids while they dress, eat and leave or get into the trash (prime time, my attention is divided). After that, she either stays outside chasing squirrels/sleeps or comes back in to sleep in my husband's office. BTW, she is a part-lab, part spaniel, part ??? mix, not real small.

  2. My sheltie has to hit up his downstairs bed after his breakfast as well. That's hard work, waking up and herding around the humans to their morning coffee!!

  3. Abby is too funny! All of our animals have a morning routine. JoJo goes out first thing when we wake up and Figaro the cat goes out with us. Kodi (our big dog) joins us and we all walk down the driveway to get the paper. The cat walks along too...I swear he thinks he's a dog. Upon our return, it's treats for everyone (except the humans), the bird cage is opened up so they can come out and then I can make coffee and tend to our needs! Mary

  4. Marianne9:24 AM

    good pics. My girls do almost the same things except running upstairs. No stairs here!

  5. Well my dogs sleep downstairs and we sleep upstairs with a floor between. When we start moving, Dudley starts woofing. They all go out through the doggy door. then hubby lets them up. The go straight to the kitchen, do tricks and get cookies. The herd him out of the house - because when he leaves they get breaky. Then they lay down and sleep until I leave for work. g

  6. Those pictures are great, but Abby is so cute in that picture in Sophie's bed. What a ham!

  7. oh they are so dear. . . ours are whiners. we love them so dearly. the feathers on the black one are beautiful and the sweet face of the white one is just heart-warming. thanks for sharing.



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