Tuesday, November 18, 2008

My baby is in the sewing machine hospital

Two years ago today I brought my Pfaff 2056 home. The dealer I purchased the machine from offered two years of service free of charge. This past weekend, realizing my two years was almost up, I dropped the machine off at the dealer.

"It just needs a tune-up," I said. "Oh, and by the way, I have a lot of trouble getting it to sew decent buttonholes."

"This machine makes wonderful buttonholes!" the manager said. "You shouldn't be having any problems. We'll have the tech double check the buttonholes when he tunes it up."

"Okay," I said. "I suppose it could be operator error since I've never been able to get to one of the classes you offer. They've either been canceled or didn't fit my schedule."

"No problem," the manager said. "If you can't get into a class, when you pick up your machine I'll sit down with you and show you how to use your machine, especially the buttonholes."

"Fabulous!" I said.

"It's quite likely that the bad buttonholes are due to operator error,"
my husband added.

"We'll call you next week when it's down," the manager said.

"Sounds good," I said as I walked out the door, smiling with the knowledge that in a few days I'll have my baby back on tuned up and ready for some heavy duty Christmas sewing.

Today I received a message from the service department asking me to call them back.

Turns out the machine is going to be out of commission for quite some time as a motor needs to be ordered - that's why I haven't been able to sew buttonholes. And actually explains some other problems I've had over the past six months.

The tech explained that I could probably still sew with a straight stitch, and since he has no idea how long it will take to get a motor I might want to pick the machine up until the motor arrives.


Now everyone teases me about the machines I accumulate. But, look how they all came in handy - the White machine is on loan to a friend who wants to learn to sew and the Elna is on loan to Julie while she decides what machine she wants to purchase.

I have my trusty old 80s Kenmore set up in the sewing studio and can always fall back on the 70s Kenmore I purchased off of Craigslist this past summer.

Whew! I think I'll just leave the Pfaff in the shop and wait patiently for the motor to arrive. Pin It


  1. I am sorry your machine needs some work but happy you have some backups.

  2. Spare machines are ESSENTIAL!! glad you've figured out why you couldn't make buttonholes.

  3. Oh my goodness! How were you able to sew at all? I wonder what happened. It's good to have a backup. This is something i've learned. And now I'm getting a second Bernina and keeping my first Bernina as well as a ss Brother. I'll never be without again!

    It's a good thing you took it in before the warranty was up. I did that this fall and got some stuff done that was covered!

  4. Good thing you took it in and good to have a backup machine. My backup actually does better buttonholes than my number 1, but then again, it could be operator error here too! Mary

  5. I just found your blog through The House of Kent, and found my way to your post about the 70s Kenmore. It looks identical to the one I received from my parents as a high school grad gift in 1976. I still have mine, but sew with a much newer Pfaff now. I should have the old Kenmore serviced and have it as my back up.



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