Saturday, November 01, 2008

Have you visited Pattern Rescue lately?

Looking for larger size vintage and retro sewing patterns? Check out the recycled section over at Pattern Rescue. The Nov. 1 patterns have been posted and there are quite a few in medium to larger sizes with busts ranging from 36 to 44.

Of course as you continue to browse you'll notice that there are also plenty of patterns available in the bust 34 and 32 range as well as children's patterns.

I even recognized a few that I sent to them for the recycle section. My fear is that one day I'm going to request a recycled pattern that I actually sent to them *LOL*. Somehow they look so much more desirable on their website than they did sitting in storage boxes.

So go! Browse, request and don't forget to donate to they can continue to offer us this service. Pin It


  1. That is so funny Sharon!!! I found many patterns that I liked this go round and put in my request with my fingers crossed. That is my fear that I will request something I sent too. I saw many children's patterns that I know I sent, but I haven't figured out the code yet. I try to only send patterns that are not my current size or really too young for an almost 50 year old woman to wear!!! I wholeheartedly support and recommend Pattern Rescue too. Mary

  2. Thank you for that link! I'll be checking it from time to time.

  3. Thanks for reminding me about this service. I'm sending a couple of boxes this next week. I was saving them for a garage sale, but this is so much better!!!



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