Friday, November 28, 2008

Flashback Friday - Christmas 1977 or Time to Embroider

A long, long time ago, the 1970s to be exact, I used to have spare time. Even with two children under the age of two, I had spare time.

Don't believe me? I have proof.

See this ethnic-inspired pullover tunic shirt my big brother is holding? In 1977 I sewed it for him as a Christmas gift.

What's that you're saying? "Big deal, I already know you sewed all the time."

Ha! Not not only did I sew the shirt, but I found time to embroider the design on the front of the shirt. Not with a fancy-shmancy embroidery machine, but by hand.

Christmass 1977 Embroidered Shirt Closeup

See? I told you I used to have spare time.

Now if I could have found a way to keep some of that spare time bottled up for future use. I certainly could use some this year... Pin It


  1. I love the shirt. It looks like something my husband might have worn. Beth

  2. OMGoodness this is super cool, wow!



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