Friday, November 07, 2008

Flashback Friday - 1983 and the red dress

No photos from 1983.

Just the red dress.

But oh! what a dress it was.

This red dress spent many Saturday evenings out on the dance floor.

And many Saturday evenings enjoying dinner and drinks before the dancing began.

Isn't it just oh-so-eighties?

Look at that deep v-neckline.

And that fitted corset-look waist

And those long dolman sleeves gathered at both the top and the bottom seams.

A close up of all of that fabric tightly shirred along the seamlines to form the draping.

Oh dear, all those horrible, uneven stitch lines

Well at least the thread was a good match!

Um, more poor sewing here

The zipper is puckered along one side and wasn't hidden too well in the midriff section

But wait!

There's the bottom of the dress.

The asymmetric pegged skirt is draped from the fitted midriff

...and it looked fabulous when a leg peeked through adorned
with sheer black hose and high strappy heels

Why, of all the clothing I've sewn over the years is this one of the few dresses that survived the dozens of moves? Who knows. As you can see, it certainly wasn't because of the exquisite sewing or attention to detail! It must have been the memories of the fun and laughter that accompanied the wearing of this dress that caused me to save it all these years.

By the way, the dress was sewn from Simplicity 6204 - a Diana Ross design - that I repurchased off of Etsy to go into my sewing scrapbook (along with the stories of fun-filled nights with my friends).
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  1. What fabulous memories! That's what makes sewing so special! Mary

  2. It's said we are our own worst critics. In balance, may I point out how beautifully the midriff section lines up in the back and the perfect symmetry in front! I'm glad you saved this beauty and shared it with us!

  3. Oh Julia! Thanks for reminder to look at the wonderful parts and ignore the others. It was only as I took photos for this post that I even noticed the not-so-perfect sewing so it obviously didn't deter me from wearing the dress with pride :-)

  4. You know I've totally forgotten how many singers and stars endorsed patterns! :) I am sure that in the 80s you were HOT in that dress!

  5. All I can say is thats awesome!! I miss the 80's!!I listen to an 80's music station (they actually refer to it as the classic 80's station!)
    everyday while I'm sewing.
    And I think it looks kinda hard to sew!



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