Thursday, November 20, 2008

Dogs on Thursday...can you see me now?

Abby doesn't like it when we vacuum and usually will run to the sewing room and hide out with me until hubby is done vacuuming (did you catch that? hubby loves to vacuum!)

Well the other day we were both busy cleaning (me and hubby, not me and Abby ... she still hasn't learned to pick her toys up *LOL) and with the gate blocking her entrance into the sewing studio she did the next best thing - Ran into the living room and hid behind a curtain. Sheesh, nothing like a photo to show you how messy the dogs have left your windows.

Like any good mom, I immediately grabbed the camera and snapped a photo. Do you think she realizes I can see her?

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  1. Anonymous8:55 PM

    Is your dog a Border Collie?

    I have two, and one (Sammy ) looks just like her.

    Also, BOTH of them HATE loud noises, and hide when I vacuum:>)


  2. Oh, she's sooooo cute!

  3. Of course she doesn't think you can see her. She thinks she's hiding. g

  4. That post made me laugh out loud. You see, I have two little bitty kitties. They run and hide from the vacuum cleaner and I can't blame them. But the sight of that great big dog hiding from the vacuum is just too funny. What a precious photo, by the way!



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