Saturday, November 29, 2008

Butterick 5249 pattern review - a simply stunning skirt

Warning! Photo heavy post. Hey, what can I say? I like the looks of this skirt.

Butterick 5249.
Rated EASY.
Great skirt.

Hardly need to say any more do I? But I will.

First of all, the skirt has princess seams which are great because you can easily adjust the fit.

As usual, I substituted an invisible zipper, which you know is pretty standard for items I sew. I can insert an invisible zipper much quicker than I can a regular one.

I don't think I've sewn anything this red in quite some time as the zipper in my zipper drawer had a 25 cent clearance sticker on it. Probably from my days of working part-time at Joann Fabrics. And that was about 20 years ago.

On this particular view, view D, there are pockets hidden behind the side front pleats.

I added a lining to the skirt, which is also pretty standard for skirts that I sew. To do so, I used the skirt panel pieces for view A and cut them so the bottom of the lining would fall just above the ruffle on the inside of the skirt. I sewed the bottom of the facing to the top of the lining and
tacked the inside of the facing to the skirt underneath the lining.

The bottom ruffle extends from the side fronts all the way across the back of the skirt.

The fabric is a bright red wool gabardine purchased in 1997 from Vogue Fabrics while attending a sewing expo. I know the date because it was the first sewing expo I had ever attended (by myself no less) and it was the last one that I had the opportunity to take classes by Sandra Betzina. The fall fashion 1997 handout is still tucked inside my autographed copy of Power Sewing. The lining's story isn't nearly as interesting. It was tucked inside a bag of fabric I picked up at a thrift store.

A shapely,simple to sew skirt with stunning results. When can I expect to see yours? Pin It


  1. That's a very flattering skirt!

  2. The skirt is lovely and thanks for including all the details! But can I just say the necklace really caught my eye. It is stunning!

  3. Perfect for the holidays! I like all the details.

  4. Perfect skirt for the upcoming holiday season! You (and Sophia) look marvelous!

  5. Great looking skirt!

  6. Anonymous8:40 PM

    I love the flair at the hem! And a red skirt with black is my fave.

  7. that is a fabulous skirt. I love it. I was just thinking I needed a red skirt - you totally rock it :) g

  8. It is stunning! I love the shape and the ruffle! Your 25 cent zipper is pretty cool too! ;)

  9. That skirt looks wonderful on you. Love the red !

  10. I've never sewn on a lining, or an invisible zipper, so I'm in awe of your sewing skills! The color is gorgeous, especially for this time of year. You certainly are an advanced seamstress! And to have taken lessons from Sandra Betzina, wow! Lucky you!

  11. I really like this skirt. I have this pattern in my lineup to sew soon.

  12. Hottie hottie hottie--do you EVER get weirded out that I keep saying that?'re a hottie in that skirt. That zipper looks TG&Y to me, idk. xo

  13. Very pretty! Love the hidden pockets!!


  14. simply stunning indeed! Red color is awesome. u look fabulous :)

  15. You look darling and I like the sassy hose! thank you for showing the inside of the skirt.

  16. Fabulous skirt! I have this pattern and really, really want to use it now.
    Love the picture with your dog! :)

  17. Anonymous12:10 AM

    Beautiful work!

  18. OK, I think I have this pattern.
    I would make it only if I knew I would look half as good as you do in it!



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