Saturday, October 25, 2008

Satruday sewing or can I whip up a dress today to wear tonight

How can it be that the wedding we were invited to way back when is tonight? And I still don't know what to wear...

I hit a few stores on my way home from work last night thinking I could pick up a dress. Can I just say "Am I ever glad that I know how to sew". There was just so little to choose from and what was there was kinda ugly. At least where I was.

So here's the dilemma:
  • Do I go to Mall of America and spend a few hours hoping to find a dress to wear tonight? Fortunately, the MOA is close so I wouldn't need to spend much time driving, but who knows what's available.
  • or do I spend a the day sewing a dress and hope I don't run into any sewing snafus? Fortunately I have plenty of patterns and fabric to choose from if I decide to sew a dress. I'm actually thinking of whipping up the new Palmer/Pletsch knit dress pattern (McCall's 5752)

Unfortunately I have to spend a few hours working this morning so no matter which I choose I can't begin until almost noon.

Gotta run so I'm not late to work. Stop by tomorrow to find out which option was chosen...
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1 comment:

  1. the pattern is beautiful, perfect for a wedding. Good luck for the sewing! Can't wait to see the result.



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