Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I heart bloggy friends - don't you?

A few weeks ago - okay, fine, it was almost a month ago - I was admiring one of Gaylen's fabric purchases. She offered to purchase and ship some identical fabric to me and just a few days later I had a package on my front steps.

She even tucked a little surprise inside - some super-wide white ric-rac which will be perfect adorning an apron. She jokingly mentioned that I'd probably get my dress sewn before she finished hers.

I did indeed have plans to sew my dress immediately using the fabric, but my body had other plans and opted for lots of sleep while I battled to rid myself of that lousy two-week cold. She, on the other hand, has her dress completed and modeled it on her blog the other day.

I'll probably sew the dress using a pattern from my stash rather than one I've sewn already. Then I can enter it into PatternReview's pattern stash reduction contest :-) The pattern I might use is Vogue 8489. with black as the contrast. Has anyone sewed that one yet? I'm not convinced yet...

See what I mean? Aren't bloggy friends the best? Pin It


  1. That is one kewl piece of fabric and it will be interesting to see your garment from it! And yes, bloggy friends are the greatest!

  2. I have some fabric and this pattern sitting out, also.
    Hurry up so I can see how yours turns out before I start mine! LOL!

  3. I made that dress and LOVE it!!! It was super simple to construct and I didn't have any trouble out of it! Can't wait to see yours!

  4. Oh love that fabric too!



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