Friday, October 10, 2008

Flashback Friday - Halloween Parade 1983

R & R 1983
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Aren't these two little pumpkins just the cutest!

RM is seven years old and a princess. What girl doesn't want to be a princess when they're seven? Shoot, I still want to be a princess and I'm long past the age of seven.

RJ had just turned seven (yes, they are brother and sister and yes, I gave birth to both of them, and no, they are not twins ... another story for another day) and he is, obviously, a snow man.

This photo was taken after the parade had ended. It was at that point we discovered that wadded up newspaper does not hold it's shape well for a costume to be worn in a walking parade. But it was unseasonably warm that day and we just told everyone he was melting.

Loving grandpa made the wand and the princess crown for RM and the top hat and pipe for RJ. Loving mama (that's me!) sewed the princess costume as well as the snowman costume (McCall's 8199 - currently for sale on Etsy if you're interested).

Now if only I would have followed my own instructions to sew them a reversible Halloween treat bag they wouldn't have needed that big old white baggie thing on the ground in front of them. Pin It

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  1. Ah! Those were the days, weren't they. Makes me want to go on a memory road trip of all my little punkin's Halloween costumes! Thanks for sharing...I love your Flashback Fridays! Mary



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