Friday, October 31, 2008

Flashback Friday - Halloween 1983

Since Halloween landed on a Friday this year, how could I not make my Flashback Friday post a Halloween post?

This is from a time in my life when I thought looking scary was fun, oh probably around 1983 or so. I was attending a technical school in the evenings completing training in computer technology - learning basic electronics and how to trouble-shoot and fix big computer mainframes. Personal computers weren't widely available at the time so the curriculum barely even mentioned them. My how quickly technology changes.

Anyway, this was a Halloween party for the students in the school. Being on a super-tight budget I pulled together the costume spending very little money and using my sewing skills.

You know you have a good costume when you arrive at the party and people aren't sure who you are :-)
The dead bride's dress is actually a knit mini-dress that came from my closet. (At the time, the dress was one of my favorite "let's go dancing" dresses, sewn from a McCall's Brooke Shields' pattern.) I sewed a long pull-on skirt out of black broadcloth, trimmed with wide black lace to wear over the mini-dress. The veil was created from black netting. To finish the look I added a bouquet of plastic blood red roses, white and black make up and a fabulous black wig a friend loaned to me.

By the way, this look works much better if you don't smile...guess I better stick to clown and Reading Diva costumes in the future.

And no, I didn't win the costume contest. Pin It


  1. Haha, I can totally relate-- I can rarely keep a straight face in pictures!!

  2. The dead bride! Hilarious! I don't think I could keep a straight face either.

  3. great costume! I thought for a minute you were Elvira or Cher before I kept rading!

    My hubby was 18 in 1983 and programming computers for $25.00 an hour!

    Your doggies look adorable too!



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