Friday, October 17, 2008

Flashback Friday - 1977: what the fashionable babies were wearing

sharon and rob 1977
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My son celebrates a birthday tomorrow. They (my son and his girlfriend) decided to have a housewarming/birthday party tomorrow and invite all of their friends.

Did you catch that? ...invite all of their friends.

Hey! What about Mom? I could be the life of the party! After all, I have quite a few entertaining R stories. I mean I've known him his whole life you know what I mean?

IDK, maybe it's payback for making him wear silly sunglasses AND this matching pant and vest outfit and then documenting it by taking a photograph. Yes, I sewed it for him - it was all the rage in the under 2 set that year. And did you notice how I coordinated his little red top with his little red socks? And did you notice his little 7-1/2 mo old belly peeking out? Don't you just love little babies and their little chubby bellies?

I guess if he didn't want the photo shared on a Flashback Friday post he should have invited me to his birthday party :-)

(Ummm, just so you all clear here - I'm just kidding . They asked if I was fine with them having two separate parties - one with all of their friends and then one with all of their family. Of course we don't care if that's what they want to do. Although his friends already know his family is a loud and silly and that his Mom and Grandpa are clowns - LOL)
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  1. That's a great picture. Who didn't sew for their kids when they were in the under 2 set? Most of us just didn't have for the foresight that you do.

    By the way - I recieved a package in the mail today and it's too much. Shall I send it back? It's not a bonus gift if you try to pay for it too. g



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