Friday, October 24, 2008

Flashback Friday - 1972 and the fab four cousins

The fab four cousins circa 1972. These four were practically inseparable at family gatherings. Makes sense since they're all about the same age. Here they're around age five. I love the little seventies fashions they got goin' on.

The blond guy on the left is looking oh-so-seventies-hip in his gray turtleneck with matching plaid bell bottoms. He is now the proud father of four or six - I can't remember and honestly its been years since I've seen him.

The other cute blond guy is fashionably dressed in a purple button front shirt with navy dress pants. He is the father of one - who looks just like him! It's a bit spooky actually, kind of like a time warp.

Next to him is another darling blond wearing a casual look consisting of a faux turtleneck with lettuce edged neckline and cuffs - oh so seventies! She is now the mother of two and her daughter is her mini-version. Seriously, it's eerie how much they look alike.

Last but of course not least is the my youngest sibling, one of my gorgeous sisters. She's got the faux patchwork demin look going on and she wears it well. She now has three beautiful children. And you've met her oldest on this blog before in this post. Kait's been pretty busy lately what with her last year of high school and dance and cheer leading. So busy that she hasn't found time to call or email or visit her old auntie...(I know you're reading this Kait - send a text or something k? I'm planning a sewing workshop in my house with two other newer sewers and they want you to join in the fun!)

So, back to sewing. I don't remember for sure, but I'm thinking I probably sewed the overalls my sister is wearing. I'm 11 years old than her and she was my real-life baby doll that I loved to dress up in clothing I sewed for her. :-) Pin It

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