Monday, October 20, 2008

The film festival photos or Vogue 2401 on a real person

The photos:

Three tall blonds and one short brunette

Three sisters on stage sitting on fabulous blue retro chairs

Three sisters behind the retro bar on stage.
Don't you just love all the pink vintage accessories?

Closeup of the 50s and 60s vintage wear

The event:
We weren't real sure exactly what we had agreed to do when we said we'd show up wearing our vintage finery. Turns out we were able to act as hostesses before the event began, mingle around the bar on stage while everyone entered the auditorium, and then escort the winner to the stage.

Fun huh? Well, for the most part. We weren't sure about the set up and were sitting in the front on one side of the auditorium. it ended up begin really difficult to escort a winner if they happened to be sitting on the other side of the auditorium. We tried, we really did. We missed one completely because they came forward so quickly. It was the grand prize winner - and honestly, if I just found out my film had won $10,000 I'd be on that stage in the blink of an eye also.

The films:
Speaking of films. I'm so glad we were invited to participate because I doubt I would have attended otherwise. And I would have missed out on some fabulous short documentaries. They were absolutely fascinating.

As I said, all of the films were wonderful, but the winning film really touched my heart. The film "Mr. Brown" tells the story of Jim Brown, who grew up in the Twin Cities during the 1930s and 1940s. Using actors to re-create Brown’s stories, Brandau conveys the insults, indignities and open discrimination that Brown experienced as an African American. Despite the adversity, Brown persevered to become an accomplished dancer, author, father, grandfather and positive force in his community." (from

You can read about the winning film event here and view the ten-minute film here (scroll down).
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  1. All of you look wonderful, sounds like a very fun event.

  2. You look really cute in the dress and love the accessories! I'm glad you added the bit about 50/60's retro cause I was finding it a bit hard to believe anyone who have such a short skirt in the 50's!



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