Thursday, October 23, 2008

Dogs on Thursday - BFFs

See little white dog.

See big black dog.

See big black dog put little white dog's head in her mouth.

Don't worry. The little white dog got away.

The big black dog loves the little white dog.

See how they hug?

Ahhh. Best friends forever.

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  1. Precious photos. Did you scream at Abby to drop Sophia the first time she put her head in her mouth? Funny stuff. g

  2. Whoa! You had me going there. But that final pic was so precious. Do they lay like that all the time? I had a mn schnauzer and a cat that would be boxing one minute and snuggling the next. ~ Robyn

  3. OK -This was the best post ever! Im still laughing - the doggies are so great! Thank you for sharing the pics! XOXO

  4. How funny!! They certainly are cuties.



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