Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Vogue 8379 wrap dress pattern review

It's about time!

Am I the last person in sewing blogland to sew this dress?

What dress you ask? Why the oh-so-popular Vogue 8379 wrap dress pattern. The wrap dress that now has 31 reviews over at PatternReview.

Do you recognize the fabric I used? Maybe you do, maybe you don't.

The fabric is from the Kwik Sew wrap dress I sewed in March of 2007. That dress ended up with too much ease so I tucked it away planning to rip it apart and resew it another day.

Well, I recently rediscovered the dress while clearing out old UFOs. Many of the UFOs ended up being tossed (gasp! yes, it's true, but many of the UFOs were too large, especially in the bust, and sometimes it doesn't make sense to rework an item). This one I just couldn't toss - it may be an ugly dress but it was made from gorgeous fabric.

This seemed like the perfect time to try out the Vogue pattern that every sewer I know is raving about. I took the Kwik Sew dress apart and recut the dress using the Vogue pattern pieces.

Because fabric was so limited I had to made some adjustments.
1) The bodice center back required a seam.
2) The bodice pieces could not be lengthened so it hits me almost 2 inches above my natural waistline.
3) The skirt had a front curved hemline that could not be recut.
4) No extra fabric for the tie belt - it is in a contrasting black fabric
5) Sleeves were not recut - so they are full length not 3/4 as designed

I really like the look of this fabric, but when I wear the dress I keep wanting to pull the tie down. It sits too high and feels strange.

The all-day-at-work wearability factor will be tested when I wear it to church this weekend. Does anyone else do that? I test out the comfort of clothing I'm not sure about by wearing it to church. I figure if I'm comfortable in it for two hours I'll likely be comfortable for a day at the office.
Full pattern review is here.

And yes, there will be another version of this dress soon, very soon. Pin It


  1. Hi, Sharon,

    This dress is gorgeous and sophisticated on you! Alas, I did not get to any fabric stores on my mini-trip to Minnesota. Next time.

  2. That fabric was worth salvaging - the dress looks great! I have this pattern but have not made it up yet...however it is getting higher on the list!

  3. Great looking dress, hope it passes the test.

  4. I know exactly what you mean about the tie being too high.

    I have never worn my wrap dress for that very reason. I put it on, it bugs me, I change before leaving.

    Even though the dress *looks* good; I can't wear it.

    I've altered the pattern for another one, but I haven't found the round tuit yet....

  5. PS the dress does look good on you!

  6. Yeah, I do that...I figure if my jeans are cut too low in the waist, someone behind me will point out the crack and I won't wear those again!

    You are adorable in that dress, Sharon--but I think you could shorten the hem a little, show off those hottie legs. In a non-weird way, I say that.

  7. Your dress remake looks great! I don't own the Vogue pattern so have not made it, so I am still the last holdout. I have sewing block when it comes to make a wrap dress. Perhaps because those that I have owned (RTW) just don't do it for me so can't get into tryng it. Though probably should. Again your remake looks great on you!



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