Monday, September 22, 2008

Good news, bad news, and weird news

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Good news, bad news kinda day.

Good news - received the coolest wedding invite in the mail. Second eldest son of my BFF is marrying his best friend next month. Isn't this a great wedding invite? I love that the invite is a postcard and that the front is a photo collage of the bride and groom-to-be while the back provides the details on where to show up and what time.

Bad news - I have no idea what to wear! It's been so long since I've been invited to a wedding that I really don't know what to wear. And I'm now in the generation where I'm the parent's friend, not the bride or groom's friend. Well, in this case maybe more like an adopted aunt since I've known him since he was hanging out in his mommy's tummy waiting to enter the world.

Good news - the wedding and reception will be held at "the caves" - a part of St. Paul history that I have never visited but is supposed to be fabulous. I can hardly wait for the "feast and merriment" that is to follow the wedding ceremony!

Bad news - I don't know what to wear.

Good news - I have at least four weeks to plan and sew a dress to wear. And I'm very open to suggestions regarding patterns. In fact, I probably already own what ever pattern you're going to suggest!

Weird news - was in a meeting today and had a younger manager call women over 50 "old women"! That felt really weird - to be called an old woman. Actually it felt a little bit like a slap in the face. What a wake up call for me to really think about how the words that come out of my mouth - even when I think I'm being funny - can hurt another person. In this case, I *think* it was meant as a joke, as three of the women in the room were age 50 and over.

Back to sewing news - seriously, if you have suggestions on what to sew for to wear to a wedding let me hear them. I'm always excited for an opportunity to sew something besides career attire.

And speaking of sewing career attire, I'm in the midst of sewing a mini-SWAP wardrobe and I didn't even realize it.
  • Using Vogue 2925, I recently completed the knit top in a gray floral knit print.
  • I have cut out and waiting to be sewn is another top in red.
  • Currently on GiGi, my dress dummy, is the partially sewnfull skirt in a cranberry wool blend.
  • My plans are to sew the jacket out of a gray wool and the pants out of black wool.
See what I mean? Once I started thinking about it, I realized I will have a few pieces that will work well with one another for this fall season. Pin It


  1. It is a cute and unusual wedding invitation...ummm, they say that now but as they get closer to fifty they will realize its not so old...and I have faith in you that you will figure out what to wear!

    SWAP is contagious...glad you've joined the fun!

  2. What a fun invite! I guess I'm not younger anymore because 50 definitely doesn't qualify as 'old lady' in my book!

    Can't wait to see what you might make for the wedding.

  3. what about...
    the Vogue Wrap Dress, altered so the waist doesn't feel too high, in a fabulous knit?

    Give you an excuse to order something great from Ann... ;)

  4. I think that kind of old woman joke is one that can only be made by another "old woman". The way ethnic groups can poke fun at thenselves, but from someone outside the group it's... awkward at best.
    Looks like a beautiful place to hold a wedding!

  5. eeeew! a not so nice comment about age. You can always laugh about this with the gals at work that are your age. Bring a pack of attends to the next meeting or bring some silly old age pill bottles and put them in front of you.
    The wedding invitation is great...I think it's wonderful when folks dare to be different. The last few weddings I've been to everyone wore black.
    How about wide legged slacks and a bright sassy wrap top or jacket? accessorize with a jazzy clutch.

  6. Anonymous10:12 PM

    I just went to a wedding for the first time in years, myself. I wore a dressy, but tailored suit. The top was a camisole of sorts, with a jacket and skirt - all the same fabric.

    I thought it looked good, but alas, I didn't see myself in it sitting down until after when I saw the pictures. I looked at least double my size and my bust looked enormous! I've been fighting gravity like all of us over 50 " old women", but this is ridiculous. The top needed to fit snug, but sitting down I looked poured in it. Word of advice, Always look at yourself sitting down in a garment before wearing it out! I'm cropping the pictures!

  7. The pink jacket, your low cut tank and, of course, the hula grass skirt. Of course!

    I'm going to try calling you today or tomorrow (I have a dr tomorrow after school, so not sure how that'll go--nothing horrible, just a bladder infection gone bad. Maybe the THIRD antibiotic will do something. Ugh! Too much info?) I've got a lot on my plate and sure could use a friend. xoxo

  8. Okay not today, did I just say that?! Stink I'm losing it. Tomorrow or the NEXT day. That's what I mean. xo

  9. funky personal invite? wedding in a Cave? I think you can pretty much anything short of a wedding dress!



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