Friday, September 26, 2008

Flashback Friday - Prairie Girl costume circa 2002

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The year 2002 found Kait wanting to become more adventurous in her sewing.

So that year, for sleepover/sewing weekend, she decided she wanted to sew herself a prairie girl costume. She had recently completed the Little House on the Prairie books and was fascinated by the main character. But then who wasn't fascinated by Laura when they visited her world through the magic of storytelling?

Kait sewed this calico prairie dress and bonnet by herself with just a bit of guidance and assistance from Auntie Sharon. Pretty impressive for a pre-teen.

I hope Kait tucked that costume away so she can look it over in future years and marvel at how much she has learned about sewing as well as how much she was willing to learn as a pre-teen. Pin It


  1. Good for her! And I don't blame her-- I remember having a fascination with the Laura Ingalls book when I was a kid too. And also have a memory of ripping an old dress apart to try and sew it back together with the print on the other side to see if it looked better, like they would do to get more mileage out of their calico dresses. XD

  2. Far beyond anything I was sewing at that age! She did a great job, especially on the bonnet. Those are harder then they look!

  3. VERY impressive! Great post, Sharon

    Did ya get my pic mail back?

  4. Becky - I loved those books also, but never turned a dress inside out!

    Alicia - those bonnets are harder than they look aren't they?

    And yes, Stacey, I got your pic mail. Just remind me not to open your messages while I'm at work because I wasn't able to contain my laughter when I saw it, LOL.

  5. Anonymous4:29 PM

    How talented. I am looking for a little toddler costume. I have no talent to sew one myself.

    I found a holly hobby dress costume that I think will fit the prairie theme at this website



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