Friday, September 19, 2008

Flashback Friday - 1974 - School, a best friend and a dog

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The school was junior high school. The best friend was my dear friend Alice. The dog was a cute little stuffed dog.

I've posted about Alice before, mostly related to costumes. The woman in a very talented artist and costume designer. I've blogged about her before. Remember the the unicorn and mermaid costume post and the ride on the elephant at the Ren Faire? Oh, and while I'm on the subject of the Ren Faire, who could forget the goat pants ?

Friends since the age of 10, we only fought once - in junior high.

Now I bet you think I'm going to tell you this photo was taken during our one argument. But you'd be wrong.

Why would I risk the wrath of BFF by taking a photo while she was yelling at me? I'm no fool. I just listened and nodded my head and then ticked her off some more by calmly asking "Are you done yet? I have to get to class?"

Nope, she has this expression on her face because she did not want her photo taken. Oops! Too late! Captured on film for all of eternity, hee!hee!

Now let's get this back on the topic of sewing. The cute little stuffed dog she's holding was a birthday gift I sewed for her. It was sewn from a gold tone cotton plaid with felt eyes, ears, nose and tongue. The pattern was a Simplicity pattern and I made gazillions of them during that time period. Well, maybe not gazillions, but I sewed one for just about everyone I knew.

The dog is long gone and probably forgotten. School days are behind us. But BFF hearts have a special connection that bonds them together forever, no matter what comes between them.

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