Sunday, September 07, 2008

Butterick 5206 Chetta B Knit Dress Pattern Review


This pattern is rated average but I would call it "quick and easy". The most time consuming part was cutting and sewing the binding to the dress and belt. Other than that this is super-duper easy.

So what can I say about this pattern other than it's super easy?

It's your basic wrap bodice knit dress. The binding is very simple add. With the raw edges together, just sew the right side of the binding to the wrong side of the dress edges, press the seam towards the binding, turn the binding over onto the right side of the dress encasing the seam and raw edges, and stitch in place from the right side of the fabric.

Couple of things to note.
  • This calls for a side seam zipper. Why? I don't know as I doubt anyone would need it unless the knit you choose didn't have much stretch and you wanted a really tight fit at the waistline.
  • If you eliminate the zipper, there is no need to sew the sleeves in after the bodice side seams are sewn. Go ahead and set the sleeves in flat and then sew your side seam. Much easier.
  • Even though it isn't called for, I added bias binding at the sleeve hems. Mainly because I was on a roll binding all those raw edges and I didn't notice that the pattern design didn't call for that. I don't think it matters one way or the other.
The belt.
  • This is one long belt, and you need to wrap carefully in the back to keep the nice look in the front. The pattern instructions have you sew the top edge of the belt in place on the front of the bodice. I did this, but I think I'm going to remove it and see how the belt holds up without that structure.
  • I sewed a size 12 with no FBA in the neck/bust/waist area and tapered to a 14 at the hips. It might run large, but I'm not sure if it's the pattern or the fact that I've dropped a few pounds. I'm thinking it's the pattern.
Do I love it? Nah, but I like it. I have other wrap dresses that I like the fit of more than this one. But I do like the extra detail of the contrast binding and the deep purple.

Now if the weather would just warm back up to the 70s I might get be able to get a few wearings out of this before it gets tucked away for the season. Pin It


  1. Daisy1:16 PM

    Your dress is really pretty. And, your review of the pattern is excellent! It'll come in handy when I get to my fabric and this pattern.

  2. Looks nice! And totally agree about the zipper-- it's just unneccesary. I also ended up stitching the crossover part of the bodice itself together along the binding, to keep it from gapping or revealing more than I wanted it to.

  3. Too bad that you don't love it. Would have been great to see it on you! It looks lovely. That's up next on my table (after the two things I already cut). g

  4. Thanks for the review...I plan to start stitching mine tomorrow, so I appreciate the tip about not needing a zipper. I plan to use fold over elastic for the binding, so this should (famous last words) sew up quickly! Mary

  5. It looks great. Would love to see how it looks on...

  6. Thanks for all the tips on this dress! I'll keep them in mind if I ever get to work on this one.

  7. I came here after a Goggle search for reviews of B5206...and I'm so glad I did. I purchased this at the Joann's 1.99 sale last night, and read through the pattern last night. I asked all three of your questions: Why "average" rating? Why a side zipper? Why not insert the sleeves flat? Thanks for your tips; I'm a new follower!
    Jude from Cape Cod



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