Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Have you visited PatternRescue lately?

I discovered Pattern Rescue in January 2008 and wrote a short post sharing the site with all of you. One of the first things I did was post a request looking for scans of the cover art for some Hollywood patterns I own that are missing the envelopes.

Since discovering the site, I've mentioned Pattern Rescue to quite a few people who have sent me emails looking for a particular pattern.

I've donated a couple of flat rate boxes crammed with sewing patterns for them to add to the recycle section. The recycle section is an area where anyone can get vintage sewing patterns - up to three at one time - for as little as the cost of postage. I like knowing that by sending them my unwanted patterns they won't end up in landfill - they'll eventually find a new home.

I've been the recipient of a number of the recycled patterns listed on their site. postage.

The other area I always check is the post section. This is an area where people are looking for a specific pattern they want to purchase or a missing pattern piece or instructions from a pattern they own. You can even submit a request with a description of the pattern if you don't remember the specifics (like the pattern company or number).

I know it works because they were able to locate two of my Hollywood patterns and scan the envelopes for me. Although it might have been quite interesting to sew them up to find out what the end design looked like.

I was excited when I realizedthat someone was looking for pattern pieces from a 1957 stuffed toy pattern that I own and that I'd be able to help out.

So if you haven't visited Pattern Rescue yet, why not?

By the way, I'm still looking for the cover of these Hollywood patterns and I wouldn't mind one bit if you owned one of these patterns and scanned the cover and sent it me. Nope, I wouldn't mind that at all...
990 2-pc dress or suit pattern from 1942
1024 2-pc dress or suit pattern from 1943
1026 1-pc dress pattern from 1943
1118 2-pc dress or suit pattern from 1943 Pin It


  1. Thanks Sharon for the reminder about Pattern Rescue. I found a pattern I have been looking for in the Recycle bin and I am staring at 2 boxes of patterns that need new homes. Whoo Hoo for Pattern Rescue! Mary

  2. You rescue just about anything, don't ya?! xoxo

  3. That sounds like a great resource. I'd never heard of it before.

  4. Ummm, I don't need more vintage pattern places to go...you are really killin' me here! *LOL*



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