Friday, August 01, 2008

Flashback Friday - 1975 Baby Quilt

I don't quilt.

There, I've said it. I know many, many, many people who do quilt and do so beautifully. But I'm not one of them. Honestly? I just don't have the patience for it, I don't know the "proper" way to do it, and when I have visited local quilt shops they haven't exactly been the most welcoming to someone (me) obviously stumbling around looking lost trying to figure out what I need for a quilt project.

It's not that I've never quilted. Quilting and patchwork was quite popular in the mid-70s when I was in my teen years. I vividly remember spending hours cutting up all of my fabric scraps into small squares, sewing them together to create yardage of patchwork fabric and then sewing a pair of pants using that fabric, which I wore often and proudly. Anyone that smirked or giggled I ignored figuring they were just envious that they weren't as creative as I was. Oh how I wish I had a photo of the pants to share with you.

But I don't.

What I do have is a photo of the second quilt-type project I created. A baby quilt for my firstborn.

When I was pregnant with my daughter I had a rough pregnancy and was instructed to do very minimal work, which meant no heavy lifting or long periods standing on my feet. Fortunately I was able to sew and read - two of my favorite at-home pastimes.

One day as I was browsing through a woman's magazine I came across a pattern for a baby quilt and decided to give it a try. It wasn't a traditional patchwork quilt. Instead it consisted of muslin blocks with a puppy hand-appliquéd on each block.

I happily spent hours and hours and hours working on this quilt. Each piece of the puppy was cut out and sewn onto the muslin block separately using a blanket stitch. The puppy consisted of mostly green calicoes, which I figured was a neutral baby color. A baby blue gingham was used as a corner accent and as the backing. The pink ruffle was added after the birth of my daughter - otherwise I would have left the ruffle off completely.

This is one of the few pieces left from that period of her life. I kept it all these years because I remember sitting on the floor of my tiny apartment, excited for the birth of my baby, patiently cutting out and sewing every puppy.

There was a lot of love that went into each stitch on that quilt. Someday her children will have this treasured baby quilt as their own. Pin It


  1. Such a sweet story! And the puppies are cute. (And I don't really quilt either, also because of the patience thing. That, and my mom is an avid quilter, so we already have tons of quilts around the house. Though I did see one in a catalog years ago that I really liked, and determined that once I can afford my own place, I have to make that quilt. Or get my mom to help me make that quilt, more likely!)

  2. Anonymous3:50 PM

    This made me smile so very wide, it is adorable! What a lovely story and an even lovelier quilt. Awesome work,
    I am glad you kept it.


  3. The little dog on the quilt is adorable. I'm so glad you still have it and can pass it on.



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