Sunday, August 03, 2008

The cost of a cheap vacation...

Abby visits the lake
Originally uploaded by Sharon Sews
I mentioned in my last post how we have been looking for ways to cut back on our expenses. One of the summer casualties was our planned out of town vacations. In their place we choose to stay home and do home improvement projects.

Except for this weekend. We were invited to spend the weekend with one of my sister-in-laws who just happens to own lake front property just a few hours north of the Twin Cities. Whoo! hoo! I had forgotten how much fun playing in the sun and water can be! Especially combined with a gracious hostess who not only fed us but had frozen strawberry daiquiris and margaritas ready for us.

Abby was also invited and we were excited to see how quickly she took to water. After all she is part Black Lab and part Newfoundland - both water dogs.

Well, you can see for yourself how skittish she was. She was unsure about the waves from the boats and the splashing from Laura, my sister-in-laws 100 lb black lab.

Unfortunately, soon after this video was taken the camera was dropped in the lake. Less than three seconds immersed in lake water was all it needed to cease operating.

*Sigh* So much for a cheap vacation...

And Abby? Well, once she realized she could swim we could barely keep her out of the water. In fact at one point we had to keep her from swimming to the middle of the lake where she had spotted some loons. Pin It


  1. Ohhhh she's so beautiful, Sharon! Gosh darnnit all I'm so sorry about your camera, that stinks eggs, it really does.

    I'm soooo glad you weren't here for our two weeks of hell, though. With Alex's mouth and then no air, it's been mighty unpleasant round these parts. BUT things are looking up, thank goodness...just in time for the hospital bills to roll around. I didn't remember to call you, please don't think you aren't important, I didn't return any phone calls. I got very overwhelmed with John's birthday, dental for Alex's mouth and now a wisdom extraction for Cody. I'm calling this week, though, even though you're back at work. I'm much better now, promise.

    Thanks for the birthday wishes for John, I will definitely pass it on. If he can hear me now, that is. teehee! xoxo

  2. The vacation sounds like fun, but gee, it was too bad about your camera.

  3. I'm so sorry about the camera and definitely feel your pain! I remember when one of my precious daughters dropped my camera...I don't think I foodshopped that week to replace it! *LOL* Hey I have my priorities and the law no longer requires me to feed them...hopefully you will get another one soon!



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