Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Book Review: Altered You! a girl's guide to personal style

Do you know a young DIY-er just bursting with creativity? One who is always on the look out for new ideas to pique her curiosity and push her imagination into overdrive? Then pick up a copy of the newly released book, Altered You!: A girl's guide to personal style by Karin Buckingham.

The 94-page book is filled with many fun and creative ideas geared towards the interests and skill level of tweens and teens. We all have our own sense of style and this book is designed to help a teen expand on hers. The 18 projects can be created just as shown or used as inspiration.

Altered You! book review

The projects has both sewing and crafting techniques and includes not only clothing but accessories and fun home decor items.

The book begins with a section on what to include in your sewing basket, jewelry box and craft tote - complete with photographs to help you identify what some of these things are - and moves on to explain basic techniques that are referenced in the books.

Each project begins with a full color photograph as well as a list and photograph of every item needed to complete the project. The step-by-step instructions are clearly written and also include photographs. As a plus, there are bonus projects as well as embellishment and adornment ideas and tips scattered through out the book.

So what projects can you expect to find?

Alter your style

  • Convert favorite jeans to capris - plus bonus purse project
  • Summer's over T - I like this one - there are different options for combining two tees together. They are absolutely adorable
  • Denim Shorts to skirt
  • Beach wrap and back back - plus bonus scrunchie project
  • Sweatshirt to shrug - plus bonus ID tag
  • Moody T and emoticon tote - plus bonus cami hanger

Alter your stuff

  • Multitasking charmer - plus bonus beaded zipper pull project
  • Make your own beads
  • Friends facebook
  • Photo booth mini scrapbook - plus bonus lunch bag project
  • Tote-ally my bag - plus bonus journal cover project
  • Remember it bracelet - plus bonus soda-can bands (gotta be honest here, love this one too - so simple, so "duh, why didn't I think of this?"
  • Snappy embellishment - I scanned part of this page because this is a project that I'm going to find a way to use somewhere.

Alter your space

  • It's all about you (mirror) - plus bonus frame project
  • Modern wall art
  • Recycled jewelry window hanger
  • Window ribbons - plus bonus bangle project
  • Jewelry tree
  • Your bright idea (lamp)

So are you ready to buy your own copy? The paperback book is published by Kalmbach Books and has a list price of $19.95. The book I reviewed was a preview copy. It's currently available at Amazon. com

I'm going to hand this book over to Kait (remember her? My niece that sewed that great 70's retro halter dress) and ask her to write a book review also. I think it would be great to hear a teen's perspective also.

Side note: Sadly, a few of these ideas are similar to ones I had been working on for submissions for the one-yard wonders book so imagine my dismay when I saw the ideas published. Of course I scratched those and submitted others.

Update 08/21/08 - watch for a review by Kait - although the girl is incredibly busy with dance line practice and of course preparing to begin her senior year in high school, she has agreed to do review this cool book. Let's hope she can stop those moves long enough to sit down and do a few projects for us.

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  1. Anonymous2:03 PM

    I'm sorry... but it's "pique her curiosity," NOT "peak."

  2. Yep, it certainly should be "pique" not "peak"'s obvious that I missed it when I published the post so thanks for letting me know so I could correct it.

  3. Thanks for the great review, Sharon. I'm glad you like the book. And, I'm glad to have a new blog to read! Good luck with your book proposal -- the idea sounds perfect.



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