Thursday, July 17, 2008

Out of Print Vogue American Designer 1377 - Sewn by KellyLynn

I present to you a stunning version of a 1994 out of print (OOP) Vogue American Designer Scaasi pattern 1377.

The pattern was used as a base for this bridesmaid's gown designed and sewn by Kelly of Kelly Lynne designs.

I "met" Kelly when she bought the Vogue pattern from my Etsy pattern shop, Abby + Sophia. Not only did she send me a photo of her beautiful design, but she gave me permission to share it with all of you.

Kelly told me she is a fashion design student in New York and she studies older patterns to see how they were made. She then makes it her own by adding her own twist - did you notice the dress no longer has front button trim? and that there is great pleated trim along the bottom? and the detail on the belt?

I found some of her stuff on flickr - the wool coat with the faux fur collar is kinda kewl - it's got a bit of vintage vibe going on.

Part of the fun of selling the patterns on Etsy is the conversations that place. I really am interested in seeing what people sew using the pattern they purchase and I tell them that. Kelly was the first person to take me seriously and send me a photo. Thanks Kelly! I'll be looking forward to seeing more of your work! Pin It


  1. Very pretty dress. Thanks to Kelly Lynne for letting you post this. Love the special touches she did.

  2. Sharon - that's so kewl that she sent you a pic back and that you had a link to her site. I always wonder about some of the FIT or Parsons students I see shopping in the garment district so it was nice see one's work upclose and personal.

  3. That is one gorgeous dress! How cool that she shared it with you.

  4. Just finally catching up.
    1. Happy 50th!!
    2. Love that you are sharing the love of sewing with new young sewists. Thanks for sharing their stories and projects.
    3. I had no idea you had an Etsy shop for vintage patterns.

    What fun that this budding designer sent you her pictures. Her dress is lovely.
    now I have to go way back and find the link for that apron you posted with the lemons on it.



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