Sunday, July 20, 2008

It's a tee shirt day...

The sun's shining, the warm wind's blowing and it's a tee shirt day. A day for sewing tee shirts that it is.

I put my turquoise jacket aside to work on a few knit tops. Actually, the jacket only needs a button and buttonhole. The only reason I put it aside is because my machine (Pfaff 2056) is so iffy when it comes to buttonholes that I freeze when I get to that step. Maybe I'll tackle it tomorrow.

First up - Simplicity 3536. Using knit fabric that was left over from J's tube top project and contrasting white, I sewed view C. The white actually looks quite stark now that I see it in the photo, but because of my trendy yellow/black/white fabric choice, it's definitely a one season top so it'll be fine for the rest of the summer. I didn't do an FBA but I'll have to do one next time - you can see the center white band is stretching out of shape. The full review can be read on PatternReview here.

Moving right along, I pulled out my turquoise/black/white fabric and whipped up another tee from Simplicity 4699. I've never thought of myself as having TNT patterns, but as I was cutting out this knit top, I realized that this pattern is indeed one of my TNTs. The jacket I've sewn twice and I'm sure I'll sew it again. It's perfect over jeans or dressed up for work. The tee I've sewn a number of times also - it has a nice curved shape to the body and the way the sleeve slightly extends over the shoulder makes it feel as if it isn't exposing that dreaded upper arm.

This fabric was sheerer than I had remembered so the entire top is underlined with an ivory knit which toned down the white in the top a bit. With the 1+ yard that is left over I think I'll whip up a simple summer skirt to mix and match with the top.

So now, let me ask you. Does the title of this post make you want to sing along to "It's a Sunshine Day?" That silly song just won't leave my mind - so I just want to share the silliness with you.

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  1. I love your new tops - they are very flattering on you!

  2. I love the new tops especially Simplicity 4699! And the fabrics are great too!

  3. I love your new tops! But. Did you have to post that song? It's gonna be stuck in my head all day now. LOL!! By the way, I have a Pfaff Tiptronic and it is also very iffy about making buttonholes. Grrr. I'm always scared I'm going to ruin the whole garment when its time to make the buttonholes. Whats up with Pfaff and buttonholes?

  4. Sharon - I love that Simplicity tee too! I have about 4 of them, none as cute as yours! g



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