Friday, July 11, 2008

Flashback Friday - June 1973 Bathing Beauty

Tomorrow my hubby and I are hosting a "Hawaii 5-0" party in celebration of my 50th birthday. While many of my family members will be in attendance I was sad that my brother and his wife and one of my sisters and her husband will not be able to make it. Which is perfectly understandable considering they live in UT and AZ respectively.

When I was talking to my brother last week about these Flashback Friday posts (he's the one that so kindly converted the old 8mm film clip to a digital version for my birthday post) I told him that pretty soon he was going to be the subject of a Flashback - whether he remembers it or not I have a photo of him wearing a groovy tunic with hand embroidery that I had sewn for him. LOL!

Well, he's safe this week as the warm weather has me thinking of pools and lakes and summer vacations.

As kids, we were fortunate enough to grow up six houses away from the local Country Club. Sounds exciting huh? Before you start thinking "well la-ti-da" they had an exclusive country club they could use" let me explain that it was nothing more than the community pool, LOL! To this day we can always tell who grew up in that town because we all still call it the country club.

Anyway, we pretty much spent our entire summer life at that pool. Which meant we needed swimming suits. And if you're a talented teen sewer why would you buy one when you could sew your own?

Which is just what my beautiful sister did the summer of '73. She's 14 in this photo and already an accomplished sewer -also was self-taught. I have no idea why we snapped this photo of her coming our of the room after changing into her swim suit - probably because we were all teens and we thought it would be funny to surprise her.

Swimsuits just aren't that modest any more are they? I haven't been successful in locating this particular pattern, but I did find something pretty similar to it on Etsy in case you want to sew your own vintage 70s swim suit for the summer of '08. Pin It


  1. Dig those groovin' colors! Wow, where did you find that picture? And do you have others that I am unaware of? LOL

  2. Anonymous6:18 AM

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