Thursday, July 10, 2008

Dogs on Thursday - Abby's private swimming pool

W Abby Sophia Pool
Originally uploaded by Sharon Sews
Abby joined our household late last summer as a chubby little ball of black fur - and spent weeks panting and panting and panting. She panted often enough that we asked the vet if there was something wrong with Abby.

She assured us that for Abby this was normal. That she was just going to be a big hot dog. Knowing that she would always be hot during our one week of summer heat (okay, it's actually a few months but the summers go by so quickly here that it feels like only one week) we picked up a little kiddie pool

The pool finally came out the other day when the temps hit the 90s with high humidity. At first Abby would have nothing to do with it. And let me tell you, it was quite a sight watching my hubby splash around in this tiny little pool trying to coax the big black dog to join him. LOL! Sure wish I would have captured photos of that :-)

Once Abby finally stepped into the pool, she quickly discovered if she laid down in the water she was cooled off quickly.

Sophia wanted nothing to do with the water and judging by the look on her face if she could figure out how to grab Abby's red toy without entering the pool she would.

Ah, dogs. They are such cheap entertainment!

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  1. How cute! Abby sure fills the pool now doesn't she? You can just see what Sophia is thinking about that toy too!! I'd be bored silly if it wasn't for my puppies too.

  2. My big guys have a pool and one of their favorite things to do is just run through chasing each other. The little dogs won't go near it.

    Abby sure does look like she loves it - now that she knows what to do with a pool. g

  3. Abby looks like she's loving that pool! Sophia, on the other hand...

    Simon will not go into water, however, he has no such qualms about mud. Lucky me! ;)

  4. That picture is adorable! Thanks for sharing. It certainly helped me start the day with a smile.

  5. Love the look on Sophia's face!

  6. That is the cutest picture every!

  7. Our dog Riley always loved his pool. Poor little guy would splash up bubbles and try to eat them and always ended up being waterlogged. Couldn't let him back in the house for a while 'cause what goes in has to come out.



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