Sunday, June 01, 2008

Sassy Apron Swap - Done!

The theme this time around for the sassy apron swap was summer fun.

What could be more fun than a summer fiesta?
(Well, maybe a Hawaii 5-0 party if someone was turning the big 5-0 this summer .... oh wait! I someone I know is...)

Sewn from a vintage Advance apron pattern - number 6607.

Advance 6607 Apron

As you can see, my pattern envelope is in rough shape but the pieces were all intact. They are not printed and this was the first time I had sewn with a pattern that used holes for markings - quite interesting.

I traced the pieces rather than risk ruining the pattern as I wasn't sure how fragile they would be from years of storage.

(I couldn't find a date on this pattern - does anyone know what year it might have been from?)

Anyway, look at the pockets on this baby! Large enough to hide your margarita AND the burnt pot roast
(which probably happened because you were busy sampling the margaritas!)

One requirement this time around was that the apron needed to have sewn embellishments. So the pockets are adorned with ric-rac - notice the red, white and blue on top of the giant yellow ric-rac? My tribute to Independence Day.

The upper back closes with a button and buttonhole so three buttons were used to make it adjustable.

I only had two yards of this fabric and it took almost every inch. I'm heading back to Treadle Yard Goods next week to see if there's any left, because (as usual) I love the apron I sewed and wish I could keep it.

Let's hope my partner is as thrilled with it as I am. Pin It


  1. I'm sure your partner will LOVE it!

  2. It turned out very cute. I'm kinda bummed that I didn't play this time, but my plate is full. I'm sure your partner will wear when hosting cocktail parties! g

  3. I love the apron you made........Fabulous!

  4. Sharon2:00 PM

    Hi Sharon,

    I absolutely love my new apron! I'm looking forward to using it soon :) Thank you very much!!!

    The Lucky Recipient

  5. Anonymous10:51 PM

    Hi Sharon,
    I am glad I came back to this post and saw your fiesta apron. WOW what a print. The lucky lady who wears that apron will sure to be noticed.
    As a housemaid I wear an apron for work, I can just imagein Ma'am coming out and seeing me wearing the "Fiesta apron" she would faint!!! What a change from the vintage look maids' apron she insists I wear.
    I do however have a floral print pinafore apron I wear on Sunday when I help look after the babies and small children at Church.
    Bye 4 now,



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