Saturday, June 28, 2008

New Look 6799 Dress pattern review

New Look 6799.

Love the design.

Love the two dresses reviewed on Patternreview.

Love the way the dress looks on me - not.

You see, I had forgotten how much I dislike wearing necklines like the one on this dress. Everything I have ever sewn or purchased with this neckline ends up being worn once and then given away to a thrift store.

I think this neckline looks fabulous if you have wide or square shoulders. Mine are narrow and sloping. A fact that I should have remembered before purchasing the pattern and sewing a muslin.

Not only do I not like these necklines, but I actually goofed when I did the FBA (full bust adjustment). After all these years of doing FBAs I can practically make the adjustments in my sleep. And I'm thinking maybe I was half asleep when I altered and cut out this pattern. I moved the bust point and it is too low, I forgot to adjust for a sway back, and the neckline is too wide for my shoulders. I have the neck band pulled in for the photo so you can't see how it's gaping in the back.

The pattern can be sewn rather quickly and the instruction provided are good. This pattern even includes instructions for an invisible zipper.

The fabric is a black and white striped cotton with a hint of silver purchased from Fabric Mart a few months ago when they had some fabrics priced at 3 yards for $5 promotion. Because I didn't want to match the stripes at the midriff and neck bands I used a coordinating black cotton for those area.

The upper bodice is lined and both the neck and midriff bands have facings. If I would have sewn this again I would have lined the skirt also. It would be simple to do and make the dress much more comfortable to wear.

I had planned to sew this dress out of a bright tropical floral print for our upcoming Island themed party. Whew, am I ever glad that I was smart enough to test the pattern out of cheap fabric first.

Now, what to sew for the party??? Pin It


  1. Although I don't think the neckline looks so bad... it's your neck and you need to be comfortable with it! I've tried convincing myself to ignore a sense of discomfort on a garment and been miserable. If you don't like don't wear it.
    But... I love what the fabric is doing optically. The vertical lines are curving in under the bust and it's so flattering! Can you do anything to save this dress? Change the upper part somehow to a neck/shoulder shape you prefer?

  2. I solved this problem by making Butterick 5179 - which gave me that neckline and that look but also gave me some sleeves. Maybe you should look at that pattern?

  3. I love your dress. Like Kathleen, if you have discomfort in the wearing you won't wear it. I know that feeling. The fabric looks great on you and the vertical lines are slimming and on me would make me look less vertically challenged!

    Maybe you can salvage it in some way.



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