Sunday, June 15, 2008

Flirty Apron Swap II - Done!

As usual, I sewed something I would want to wear myself. My original plan was to sew view D from Butterick 4945 - that's the full apron with the flirty flounce at the hemline shown in the center of the envelope.

However, I felt my fabric needed angular lines to not distract from the crispness of the red/white stripes and the sharp blue stars outlined in white. So, view C was chosen.

Flirty Apron 1

The ties on the apron are quite long, so they could also be pulled to the front and tied in bow if the wearer desires a more fitted look.

Flirty Apron 2

The fabrics, while not intended to be coordinates, matched surprisingly well. The body of the apron is a patriotic cotton print from Joann's. Not only are the colors bold and traditional for Independence Day, but there is a slight sparkle in the fabric which hints at fireworks - another tradition. The blue trim fabric, also purchased from Joann's, is one of their cotton batiks.

And just to add an extra bit of pop, I used a white ric rac with blue polka dots as trim along the bottom border and the top of the pockets. I actually found the ric rac in a scrapbook section of a closeout store. It washed up beautifully so instead of scrapbook projects, it's being used on sewing projects.

Flirty Apron Trim

Summer is too short and I already have way too many projects scheduled, both sewing and non sewing, so this will be my last swap for awhile. Pin It


  1. Very pretty apron! I find if I make something I want to keep, generally the recipient likes it too! Your work is always nice! Mary

  2. Lovely apron, and you actually answered a question I had - I too have some scrapbooking ribbon in my stash - I wasn't sure if I could use it for sewing, so I asked on one of my quilty groups if anyone knew if it could "cross over" to the dark (sewing) side ;) One of the members just now sent me a link to your blog (thanks Karen!) - talk about serendipity! My ribbon stash has just increased exponentially to include all the little packages I have stored with my paper crafting supplies - thank you!

  3. Hey! That's my apron! I'm the lucky recipient of this lovely apron!Thanks again Sharon1 I'll be wearing it on the 4th for our family's big swim party and potluck at my sister's. I can't wait to show it off!
    Also, glad to see what you posted here about the rick-rack. I was wondering where you got polka-dots!
    That's good info to have...



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