Saturday, June 21, 2008

Another successful conversion to sewing enthusiast

Or, as Becky put it...I have succeeded in "corrupting" another to sewing. Love that phrase Becky!

This time the convert truly is a beginning sewer. J hasn't sat before a sewing machine since a class in junior high, which wasn't that long ago for her, but long enough for her to feel unsure of her ability to sew some clothing items.

She stopped over last weekend with the goal of wanting to learn to sew "some cute summer tops". But as we spoke she thought perhaps a tote would be a good first project, so I had her look through some of my books for something that caught her eye.

As she browsed through the projects in Sew Easy Bags and Sew Easy (both authored by Linda Lee and designed with the beginning sewer in mind) she changed her mind about the tote when she came across a tube top. Seems she wears tube tops underneath her suit jackets in the office because the temp in her office is quite warm (oh how I wish that was the case where I work...but that's another story)

Once we had a project in mind I set her free to look through my knit fabric stash and within seconds she had chosen a poly knit from Hancock's. I'm sure most of you have seen it as it has been a popular print among the Internet sewing world - gray/black/white and yellow scallops.

Following the instructions in the book and with some guidance from me, within a short period of time she had produced her first sewn garment!

We liked some things about these instructions and some we didn't, so the next knit tube top I'll show J how to do it herself without the book.

And there will be a next time. She's already signed herself up for a series of beginner sewing classes at a local sewing machine dealers and has asked for a sewing machine for her upcoming birthday. In fact, we're planning on stopping by Crafty Planet today in between estate sales.

Welcome to our world J! You do know you'll never again be the same :-) Pin It


  1. Wow are on a mission...converting new sewists right and left!!! You go girl!!! Mary :)

  2. Good for you! Keep the new sewists coming!

  3. How fun! That top is really cute.
    I'm gathering up patterns right now so I can teach my brother's girlfriend how to sew while we're on vacation.
    I wonder if she wears tube tops...

  4. It looks great! And congrats on another successful corruption. (And you're welcome-- I always enjoyed that little phrase of ours too! ;)

  5. Congratulations! Isn't it a blast to share this? :)

  6. Wow! 2 more additions to our sewing are on a roll!!!

  7. Cute top! How nice of you to "corrupt" her her like that! ;) It's true though, one successful sewing project and you are hooked!



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