Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Amazing Kait Untold

--Clears throat dramatically--

Hi!!! The name is Caitlin, but i go by Kait.
I guess you could say I'm a normal teen.
One that likes to hang with friends, go shopping, and of course buys clothes!
Clothes are like pictures. All different in some kind of form. Especially when you have a chance to make it yourself.
That's exactly what i did when i made a somewhat surprising stop at her house last weekend.
Saturday night to be exact.

Her sewing room is amazing I must say. She has like literally everything. I spent twenty minutes just looking at all the patterns she has. Moments later she took out the fabric I picked out online as well as seven patterns.
There I stood looking back and forth thinking, "which one to pick? which one to pick?" I was like a child in a candy store deciding between the Twixs or the Snickers. Well i did finally decide on the cute yellow poke a dots with the pink beneath them. Which i must say are total fabulous summer colors. I also picked the vintage pattern from the 70's. (they had some sweet styles back then.) That night we did start to cut but then the tornado sirens went off and that's where we ended.

The next morning we began. Sharon being the nice aunt she is cut out everything I needed. Which I was pretty thankful for because the cutting is the worse part. I was pumped, ready to use her sewing machine. But i ended up ironing first. Which wasn't bad at all. Ironing is kind of fun... in a way. After that I sewed my master piece.

Of course you know there are many details.
But that's just to much to type. :]
So I'll tell you some +'s and -'s

--My negative--
Oh I was so angry towards the end of my piece of art. Sharon and I had folded the bottom of the dress so it would look nice and not stringy. Anyways, when I ironed it I hadn't ironed it straight enough is what I'm guessing and it had folded under when I was sewing it. Man oh man, it could have been the end of the world right there. I got so frustrated. Here I was at the end and just had to mess up then! All I wanted was to wear it! Sharon ended up fixing it.

--My Positive--
It was an amazing experience. Of course I would like to continue this. The feeling you get when you accomplish something amazing is just astonishing. You just feel so great that you actually could make... that! The pattern was perfect as well as the fabric. I'm so proud of myself for bring myself back into this. I havn't did this is so long and it just feels wonderful. Sharon i hoped you liked having me. :] (She's one of the best aunts anyone could have.)

Anywho, I hope you enjoys my short essay about my experience.
Thanks again for having me Sharon.
Love always-- The Awesome, grand, remarkable, cool niece... <3 KAIT <3

((((Ps Sharon... YOU HAVE MY PHOTO-ALBUM!!!! IM NAKED WITH OUT IT!!!!! :[ And i have new pictures to put in it :[ )))) Pin It


  1. I truly believe every body should have some one on one time with a favourite aunt or uncle.I had one as a child,she took me to cool places and made me feel special.
    Keep up the sewing kait!

  2. A great niece and a great aunt - you are both lucky!

  3. Kait you sweetie :-) It was wonderful having you and you are welcome in our home anytime. But you know that already. I had just as much fun as you did, possibly more, as you are a joy to have around. Luv 'ya kiddo!

    Oh, and welcome to our side! (insert evil laugh here )

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. wow im tired i cant spell..
    so i deleted my last comment...

    :] but thanks for having me. IT was a blast and yeah!!

    i like the little kick with the evil laugh. haha. --flips hair out-- ohhhhh yeah beat that!

    PEACE* :]

  6. Hey, Kait! Good to see your perspective on your sewing experience, and I'm glad you enjoyed it. Yeah, that hemline thing is a pain-- I've lost count of how many times I've done that and had to rip things out and re-sew them. And I totally agree-- as much as I love sewing, I HATE cutting out.

  7. Kait,
    You did a great job on your dress! It's a lovely match of fabric to style. Keep going!
    And, this may seem odd, but you brought back some nice memories for me too.
    I may a dress almost exactly like that back when I was your age (of course, the style wasn't vintage then!).



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