Saturday, May 10, 2008

National Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive today

Today, before you settle down at your sewing machine, take a few minutes to pull together a food donation for the Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive. Place it by your mail box, or wherever your mail is picked up, and your postal carrier will pick it up and donate it as part of their annual food drive.

We' re all struggling a bit right now - some more than others - and this is a simple way to help you can help out those might need a little extra help making it through these tough economic times.

You can read more about the food drive here. Pin It


  1. I have my bag all filled and ready to sit out.

  2. The best way to stamp out hunger is to stop (or at least seriously limit) the consumption of meat. It takes about 16 lbs of edible grains to produce 1 lb of beef. Those 16lbs of grains could feed a lot of people.



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