Friday, May 30, 2008

Flashback Friday - 1993 and the fashionable toddler

Short and sweet flashback today as I'm on my way to an all day workshop. Don't feel badly for me because the entire day is devoted to face painting! I know, I know, you all think a sewing workshop would be more fun, but trust me this is just as interesting and stimulating.

So, back to the flashback.

The 17-year-old niece that is excited to get back to sewing her own clothing is quite the fashionable young lady- and she likes dresses and skirts.

She's always loved to wear dresses and if shoes and accessories matched - well, all the better.

Here she is, with one of her adorable younger brothers, 15 years ago dressed in trendy sundress with matching sun hat. Sewed for her by her loving aunt (me!)

Now if only she'd let me practice my face painting on her... Pin It

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  1. they look sooooo cute! :):):)




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