Friday, May 09, 2008

Flashback Friday - 1975 Prom Season

My husband and I celebrated our ten-year anniversary a few weeks ago with dinner at Jax Cafe. We were joined in the restaurant not only by others celebrating special occasions but with a large group of high school students going to prom.

It was so fun to watch this group of teens. Most of the young men looked like they were playing dress up in the daddy's suits and appeared to be quite uncomfortable. On the other hand, the girls were a completely different story. They were beautiful. Their hair, makeup and nails were all perfectly done for the evening. And oh my! the dresses! Slinky, sparkly and downright s*xy - except for the sweatshirts and letter jackets tossed over the shoulders for warmth, LOL. They were gorgeous dresses but nothing like what we wore to prom back in the day.

See what I mean? Here I am in my dress for either my junior prom or the winter snow ball dance. It's been too long...I just don't remember which it was.

Anyway it doesn't matter. The dress was pretty typical of what all the girls were wearing. Except for my best friend, a tall, thin, beautiful blonde, who wore a halter gown.

My dress was sewn from a floral print satin in shades of orange, peach and cream. Cream lace trimmed the neckline and wrists, and the fullness was cinched in with a tie that extended from the empire waist and ended as a bow in the back.

And don't forget the accessories! Although you can't see them, I accessorized with platform shoes and huuuuuuuge hoop earrings (ala Cher circa the Sonny and Cher Show years).

Now isn't that dress sweet? It's actually quite quaint with it's long sleeves, loose fit and a high neckline. And I didn't have to toss a letter jacket over it to stay warm either. Pin It

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  1. I look forward to your Flashback Fridays. They are so much fun! Please take this as a compliment Flashback Fridays are like looking at pictures from my parents high school years or later. Old pictures are so much fun. I think that my mom did a great job at sewing the things she made and it appears you did as well.

    Also I have tagged you and if you would like to participate the directions are on my blog.



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