Sunday, April 27, 2008

Thanks for the Happy Anniversary wishes!

Thanks everyone for the anniversary wishes! Sometimes we look at each other and laugh because I can't believe I'm married to the cutest boy in junior high school and he can't believe he's married to the cutest girl. (Our story is on this post.)

We celebrated our anniversary with dinner at Jax Cafe. We were escorted to our table which was next to the fireplace and close enough to hear the piano music. When we sat down we noticed two matchbooks on our table with covers that read "Ten Great Years | Brian and Sharon". Such a nice touch.

If you're ever in Minneapolis I'd recommend checking them out. They aren't in the heart of downtown, but well worth the extra drive. Fantastic food, phenomenal service and a fabulous atmosphere. Pin It

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  1. Oh Sharon I read your story and I think how your story is just beginning. And that you are such a beautiful woman inside and outside, so of course you're married to the cutest boy in Jr.High (we need to talk later, I totally saw him first!).

    I love the story and I'm going away from this post with a smile...and you were the cutest girl in Jr. High..and still are. xoxoxo



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