Saturday, April 05, 2008

Sewing at seventeen

Not niece.

When I asked if she'd help me with a summer dress design I'm working on, she not only said "yes" but said mentioned that she misses our weekend get-togethers from her childhood. She and another niece would spend the night and, among other things, I'd help them with a sewing project.

You know what? I miss that those get-togethers also. I figured when she hit her teen years there were more important things to do than hang out with your old auntie. I'm glad to find out I was wrong.

To prepare for our weekend get together - as of yet unscheduled while both nieces find time in their busy social lives to spare a weekend away from friends and school activities - I asked her to choose some Amy Butler fabrics she found appealing.

The beauty of the Internet! I sent her a link to Amy Butler fabrics, she emailed me her choices, and with printed copy in hand I purchased three of them from Treadle Yard Goods. (The bottom fabric with the large floral print is mine ... you didn't think she's the only one that gets to sew on these did you?)

I'm not sure which one of us is more excited about resuming our weekend get-together tradition. Probably's exciting to have a chance to encourage another young member into our circle of sewing. Pin It


  1. That sounds like a fun weekend! My daughter is coming tomorrow to sew. I pulled out 6 pieces of Mary Engelbreit fabric to make aprons and have a simple yoga pant pattern that I think she can whip up quickly on the serger with this yummy soft knit that I got for a song from Fabric Mart. Isn't it great to share our passion for sewing and see a younger person get excited about the possibilities? Have a great time with your nieces...Mary

  2. I think that is so kewl that you have that connection with your nieces and that they want to continue the weekends!

  3. Ooh! Ooh! I recognize that middle piece of fabric! (I've been toting a bag made out of it since the fall. :D )

    Anyway, I think that's pretty cool that your nieces still want to hang out with you and sew. And probably fun for them too-- after all, DIY is becoming the cool thing again, so it'll give them bragging rights with their friends. ;)

  4. What a lovely thing! Reminds me of afternoons sewing, knitting or croche (ing) with my mom, aunt and cousins...ah traditions!

  5. Do you have an idea of what type of project you'll be making or will you let your niece decide?
    Apparantly I'm not cool enough to sew with my daughter, but thankfully she loves to sew with my mom!

  6. Sharon you're such a cooooool aunt! Wow. And Amy Butler, you're hip and happening as well. Have a grand time, cannot wait for photos! xoxo

  7. Such great fabrics, I just ordered a bunch of the Midwest Modern line, all of the Amy Butler fabric is so pretty!

  8. Awww, I miss Treadle Yard Goods :( The fabrics are great, what kind of projects are you planning?



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