Sunday, April 27, 2008

Just another Betzina Sunday

Finally! A few hours of sewing time was squeezed out of the day. I figured with so little time to sew I'd work on something quick - something I could cut out today, sew today, and wear tomorrow.

Hmmmm, what should I sew?

Oh! I know! I've been wanting to sew something from this bold knit - Fuschia Orbits - purchased from Fashionista Fabrics.

It needs to be something simple and something versatile. Ah, yes, a skirt and matching knit top. That way I could mix and match the two with other pieces in my wardrobe.

Remembering a spread in a Vogue Patterns Magazine, I pulled out Vogue 2911. Without that photo spread in the magazine I would never have thought about this skirt pattern.

It's a great bias skirt pattern. It has nice wide (1-1/2") seam allowances, plenty of ease, and a separate elastic waist band. The skirt can be sewn in an hour or less easily. Well, except for the hem because it's bias and you need to let it hang in case the bias stretches - but you already knew that didn't you?

Well, silly me was on autopilot when I cut out my knit skirt and I unnecessarily cut it out on the bias - so I used much more fabric than I had intended to. But doesn't it hang nicely? You can't tell on GiGi but it has a nice width at the hemline and flows beautifully when walking.

Now, onto the top. I've had this Vogue pattern in my stash forever - well, maybe not forever since it was only released in 1999 - and I've never, ever used it. Pulled it out many times and thought about it, but never followed through.

Until today that is. And I should have just let it stay in the envelope in the pattern drawer. Because it just ain't doing for me.

GiGi looks fabu in it...but GiGi is a good ten pounds lighter than has a longer (and smaller) waistline than I do.

I'm hopeful that I can somehow cut a simple tee using what I can from this wrap top and the odd sized scraps left from cutting out this top and the bias skirt so I can still have two pieces to mix and match.

BTW, *love* Fashionista Fabrics - both her fabrics and her customer service!
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  1. The fabric is fabulous and the skirt looks great...I do like the wrap top pattern, but maybe the busyness of the print makes it too much with the wrap. Mary

  2. Don't feel too badly, 7024 didn't work for me either as much as I wanted and hoped it would!

  3. Looks great on your dress form! The fabric is fabulous!
    It's too bad you're not thrilled with the top. That's especially frustrating if you had high hopes for it.



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